Walking in February 2018

Hey ya’ll!

Thanks for being here and walking life with us! We love the community that is building here and on Instagram and YouTube. We even show up on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest sometimes. Please share us with your friends on your social media sites. We sure would be appreciative.


To make walking life with us a bit easier, we will summarize at each month’s end what has been added on this home-on-the-web that month. This should make navigating our additions much simpler and faster for ya.

So, in February of this 2018 we added a page in our RECIPES section entitled Using Leftovers and Cleaning out the Larder and Freezer (by popular demand), as well as, some more SANDWICH recipes. One of our blog posts even chats about USING LEFTOVERS when I made a sweet treat with items in our pantry.

Our sweet littles were thrilled to make their first sale of their hot pads. This gave us the opportunity to tweak shipping costs and design just the right package deal that would benefit both them AND you! Thank-you, again, Mrs. Barbara!!

Make the kids’ day, ya’ll, and place an order for hand-made with love, care and attention a package set of Cotton Woven Hot Pads.


We are always excited to share with you those who are keeping their heritage and that of their predecessors and ancestors. This month we visited two such folks. One was our longtime friend, Poppy Steele. Check that visit out!

The second was en route to the Emerald Coast of Florida for our third son’s (delayed) Senior Trip. Our “little family” (Mr. Patient, the 3 littles and I) stopped real quickly in Montgomery, AL, “to see what we could learn”. What a treat! Find the video link here, as well as, learn about our latest worship experiences.


AND a very exciting part of the trip to Florida was a stop to meet one of my dear Instagram friends whom I had wanted to meet for a long time! Ya’ll, meet Jennifer…an awesome wife, mama to 9 blessings, sweet sister in Christ and a busy encourager and motivator to other moms. Check out her website here!



Owen’s Senior Trip is in the books and we thank the random lady we stopped on the beach to snap the photo you see above.


Well, this update doesn’t even include everything we posted and shared about life on Instagram and YouTube. We try to include different content on each media platform.

Thanks for being here! Invite your friends! 🙂

All the Branches


A man doesn’t plant a tree for himself. He plants it for posterity. Alexander Smith


Hi friends! Just chatting a bit with ya today….


We are very happy that you’ve chosen to stop by the front porch of our little home-on-the-web. We are simple folks. Or, at least we are at heart. Unfortunately we have allowed ourselves, now and in the past, to get caught up in the busy-ness of life and all those activities that the world tells us we must do in order to be…to be happy, to be successful, to be liked, to be intelligent, to be spiritual, all the other “to be”s. Are ya’ll the same? Maybe not. I hope not, actually. I hope for your sake that you’ve managed the beautiful art of enjoying peace and proper pacing of life. We’re still working toward that, by the grace of God.




This (almost) spring finds us continuing to downsize our worldly possessions, organize what we are choosing to keep, and simplifying our lives by selling our home and hitting the road in an RV with our three youngest children. (I think the simplicity of this endeavor is up for debate, however.) We call this RV life, our HERITAGE HOMESTEAD JOURNEY, as we are asking the Lord to show us where He wants us to set-up/build our homestead after our RV living has ended. Since we are about to a live in much smaller quarters, we won’t have the ample space to show hospitality that we have so enjoyed doing for almost 30 years in a solid, concrete foundation home. Showing hospitality will begin to look different for our family.


This is the RV layout we would like to purchase.


In a strange twist of Seeking Simplicity, we have found ourselves Continue reading “All the Branches”

Red Flags

Red flags are usually meant to indicate danger, warnings of impending harm or damage to people or property. As I sit on the Emerald Coast of Florida this morning I can’t help but notice the stiffly flying red flag which warns folks about the rough Gulf waves. I also can’t help but enjoy the oddly peaceful sound of the crashing waves and the fresh salty breezes which actually aid my youngest son’s breathing.

A stiffly flying red flag doesn’t physically have to be present for someone to be wary of a bad business deal or a dark cave or even dating the wrong person. “Too many red flags,” they might be heard to say.

This post forces us to just jump right into a topic which might be a red flag topic to some–well, to many. TOO many.

I may be jumping into a somewhat dangerous body of water, but the risk is worth it.

It is time. Continue reading “Red Flags”

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