The Front Door: Make Yourself at Home

Welcome to Heritage Ways where all Diligent Homemakers are invited to come in, sit a spell and make yourselves at home. Here, we offer grace to all as well as a cup of coffee or tea.

My heart has always been at home and I love sharing what I have learned in my 55+ years of loving homemaking.

Do you have a heart for home? I’m willing to bet that you are a Diligent Homemaker like I am.

A Diligent Homemaker does the best she can with what she has and where she is. She loves to cook from scratch (or is learning) but sometimes she is so tired and busy that it is just easier to open a box of macaroni and cheese. And THAT’S okay! She is doing the best she can. I am, too! What about you?

Cooking is my #1 Homemaking Passion. Can you tell?

I invite you to make yourself at home and please use the menu bar to navigate through my many webpages, especially the recipes!

Do you appreciate tried-and-true family-favorite recipes like I do? I am a cook, born and bred in the American South, who thinks a bowl of well-seasoned pinto beans and crispy cornbread sticks with butter is a feast. Have you ever tried Corn Light Bread? It is the kissin’ cousin to Southern Corn Bread. And, I do mean kissin’ because it has quite a bit of sugar. Here’s the recipe if you are curious. 

Let’s learn, share and grow together each week.
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I am glad you are here.

Welcome home, y’all🏡

❤️I’m Mrs. Katie.


Are you just getting started on the homemaking journey?

Do you wish you had a Granny, Auntie or Mama to help guide you along the way, to answer questions, to assure you?

I’d love to help you out. I have over 56 years’ experience in life and started cooking, baking and pickling by my Mama’s side when I was five years old. That’s over half a century of homemaking knowledge that I can share with you!

Being a mama to six and now a GrandMarmee, I have enjoyed the homemaking life in my own home with Mr. Patient for over 34 years. I have cooked over 30,000 homemade meals in the last 34 years and many of those had to be as frugal as could be.

I have now published three cookbooks, a homemaker’s in-home newspaper and almost 1,000 videos to teach and inspire homemakers.

How may I encourage, teach and help you?? Let’s chat about it. I’d like to offer you a FREE 15 minute assessment of where you are in your homemaking journey and where you’d like to go.

Do you have 15 minutes to chat via Zoom? Let me know what works for you!


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One on One, personalized attention to you and your homemaking journey)


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