(NEWS!! Give-Away is over and Adriana is our winner!! YaY!) WINTER GIVEAWAY TO CELEBRATE WEBSITE LAUNCH


The Heritage Ways family promotes and celebrates HERITAGE  and ITS KEEPERS. We appreciate and respect time-honored traditional skills while teaching, sharing and walking life with those whose paths we cross.

When we run across folks who are keeping their heritage alive we want to tell ya’ll about them. Every now and then, we’ll give away some of the products made by these folks and hope you’ll take a look at their online sites, Etsy shops, and social media accounts. It’s simple. Down-home-helping-our-fellow-man simplicity.


So….here’s what we are GIVING AWAY this winter to ONE WINNER. Items from FIVE family-operated and American made sources.

Large Size Hand Forged Flint and Steel Fire Kit from HomemadeHomeShoppe. Found here http://www.etsy.com/shop/homemadehomeshoppe.com and on Instagram as @Whistlers_Tuck_Outdoors and @HomemadeHome7 This is a colonial-style “tinderbox”, primitive flint-and-steel (you know, the same elements in the top of your Bic) firestarting set. The container is a recycled mint tin. The flint shard is sourced from a local creek. The charcloth is made from a recycled 100% cotton tee shirt. The tinder is shredded all natural jute twine. The high-carbon striker is forged from a recycled coil spring. Weighing only 3 ozs(approx.) definitely earns it a place in your backpack!
Kit includes one tin containing charcloth, shredded tinder, one striker, and one piece of flint.



Three sandalwood soaps and hydrating body butters and three lemongrass soaps and hydrating body butters from Amazing Grace Soaps and Body Butters of Kedesh Farm. These are handcrafted, therapeutic products with scents men appreciate. For purchases, contact Tiffany Zollicoffer at (615) 429-3008 or amazinggracesoap@gmail.com




One Everyman’s Bag from Turner Brothers Leather found as http://www.turnerleather.com and on IG @turner_brothers. This canvas bag is made to hold shaving supplies or anything else that might need to be kept together. It is water-resistant but not waterproof.

Percolator candle from Luster and Lore. Freshly brewed coffee smell- no coffee pot needed! This coffee candle smells just like morning on busy days. The smell of dark coffee comes through with a hint of butterscotch and a touch of hazelnut. Soy candle. Cotton wick. Lovingly hand poured. All of the candles are natural soy wax and are safe for all members of the family. The soy beans are grown in America. They use the maximum amount of scent that the wax will allow. 8 oz. silver reusable tin. For more information, visit http://www.lusterandlore.com, IG and FB LusterandLore. Also, check out our interview with Christina HERE.

The best cooking is with cast iron, do you agree? And the best cast iron is made by Lodge of South Pittsburg, TN, kinda near us. Lodge is a family-owned business. We just love visiting the factory store and picked this up not long ago. Now we want to share it with you. There aren’t too many things in life that are better to receive used than new but good quality cast iron is one of those items. This little piece is great for individual use at home or a campsite. It is even mentioned in Mrs. Katie’s video about Deep Dish Pizza HERE. Check out their products at http://www.lodgemfg.com and Mrs. Katie’s **favorite** part of their entire website is the Employee Spotlight where they share stories of their people, the ones who matter, the makers, the craftsmen, the real folks.

So, yep, that’s our giveaway, friends!! If you were to purchase these handcrafted goods, they would run $137 before shipping! Wow! WE didn’t even realize this giveaway would be that awesome!

Here’s what to do….

  1. Join the Heritage Ways website community by commenting, liking, following or providing your email for updates.
  2. View the Winter Giveaway video and do what the littles tell ya to do toward the end.


The drawing will take place on Saturday morning, January 20, 2018. While we greatly appreciate our overseas friends, this particular giveaway is open to US residents only. We are thankful for your understanding.

That’s it! Thanks for walking life with us. We do appreciate you!


6 thoughts on “(NEWS!! Give-Away is over and Adriana is our winner!! YaY!) WINTER GIVEAWAY TO CELEBRATE WEBSITE LAUNCH

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  1. I’ve loved watching you grow on social media, and sharing all of your know how! 💛 thank you for being an inspiration for a southwest ohio momma.

  2. These are some amazing items! You put so much love into everything you do! You have a true passion for life & a gift for sharing! Much love & God Bless 😘

  3. Today I went and followed ya’ll on youtube and I came on over here to subscribe & Follow via the wordpress reader !
    So enjoyed some of your videos, made me laugh, but also let me know just how “down home ” ya’ll are !!! Love the Giveaway and the items and wouldn’t mind winning myself !
    Thank you for the fun and I look forward to more sharing in the future !
    Linda Marie Finn
    Faithful Acres Homestead
    faithfulacresbodysoulspirit@gmail dot com

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