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A man doesn’t plant a tree for himself. He plants it for posterity. Alexander Smith


Hi friends! Just chatting a bit with ya today….


We are very happy that you’ve chosen to stop by the front porch of our little home-on-the-web. We are simple folks. Or, at least we are at heart. Unfortunately we have allowed ourselves, now and in the past, to get caught up in the busy-ness of life and all those activities that the world tells us we must do in order to be…to be happy, to be successful, to be liked, to be intelligent, to be spiritual, all the other “to be”s. Are ya’ll the same? Maybe not. I hope not, actually. I hope for your sake that you’ve managed the beautiful art of enjoying peace and proper pacing of life. We’re still working toward that, by the grace of God.




This (almost) spring finds us continuing to downsize our worldly possessions, organize what we are choosing to keep, and simplifying our lives by selling our home and hitting the road in an RV with our three youngest children. (I think the simplicity of this endeavor is up for debate, however.) We call this RV life, our HERITAGE HOMESTEAD JOURNEY, as we are asking the Lord to show us where He wants us to set-up/build our homestead after our RV living has ended. Since we are about to a live in much smaller quarters, we won’t have the ample space to show hospitality that we have so enjoyed doing for almost 30 years in a solid, concrete foundation home. Showing hospitality will begin to look different for our family.


This is the RV layout we would like to purchase.


In a strange twist of Seeking Simplicity, we have found ourselves learning muuuuuuch more about technology that was ever intended for us to learn, we’re convinced. But we are having fun doing so. Well, most days it’s fun. Some days it is a lot to absorb. Connecting with so many amazing folks and sharing ideas and walking life together has been worth all of the many, many hours of learning how to create content and then doing so. We have no plans to stop as the friendships far outweigh the labor of the learning curve. Our passion is to share heritage and its keepers. Remembering our heritage, your heritage, our neighbors’ heritage builds much richer and solid lives for our descendants, do you agree? We remember and share heritage with stories, with food, with laughter, with travels, with communication. Keeping heritage is like planting a tree.


Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.   Warren Buffett


Heritage Ways is present on several social media sites and each one contains different content. Following us on one platform is not the same as following on all. They work like a family, like a tree, different branches of the HERITAGE WAYS tree.


Some of you found us via Instagram where we have had the longest presence and largest friend base. This makes it pretty much the root system of HERITAGE WAYS. Sharing life turned into building relationships as time went by. Both of us (Mr. Patient and Mrs. Katie) have met amazing folks through that social media outlet. Some of our friends we have met in real-life and others we anticipate meeting on our HERITAGE HOMESTEAD JOURNEY. Our accounts there are @HERITAGEHANDWORKS and @HERITAGE.WAYS (notice the dot) and @FrontPorchChurch (which is ladies-only, sharing Jesus and life). It sounds shallow and cheesy to say, “Instagram has changed our lives” so we’ll just say, “Instagram has made a powerful impact on our lives.”


Building this website was like building a house. It took days of learning and constructing but now we are in the stage of just “decorating” and living in it. We open it to you as our virtual home and sure do hope you feel welcome enough to visit often. As in a solid house, we will be “moving furniture” around and cleaning pretty often so please remember to visit frequently. It is meant to be so much more than a blog space. For our tree analogy we’ll call it the trunk since it is the common space from which all branches can be reached. This website is a result of our family members suggesting that there be one place where a myriad of questions and topics can be addressed in length. We pray this space blesses you.



The various branches of HERITAGE WAYS include Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and, on the largest scale, YouTube. Find the links to these accounts right down at the bottom of this homepage.


Facebook and Twitter get attention from us occasionally and our Pinterest has been built over several years’ time. However, many hours of laboring in love are spent developing, creating and editing content for YouTube. We would be very thankful if you’d follow us on each of these accounts but especially YouTube. Folks aren’t numbers to us but they are to YT and numbers matter. Did you know that certain allowances are available for YT channels as the numbers increase? No? We didn’t either. We’re learning a lot.


A tree is known by its fruit; a man by his deeds. A good deed is never lost; he who sows courtesy reaps friendship, and he who plants kindness gathers love. Saint Basil

You may not be into all of these social media outlets and that’s fine. As we said though, each does have different content. Follow us as you feel comfortable. We’re just happy you’re here.


If you have a topic of conversation that we can discuss, please let us know.




We would ask if you would please share one or more of our social media locales with your friends, we would be very appreciative. Let’s get this community growing! The more at the banquet table, the better!


I looked up at my family tree and found out I was the sap. Rodney Dangerfield


What do you think?

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