Walking in March 2018

Katie here….

Oh my word, ya’ll! How can March have journeyed past me without one little post or addition to our home-on-the-web, this HERITAGE WAYS website. I am so sorry for not checking in with ya’ll but I’m here now…. giving a little update of life with us. Maybe you’ll understand why I’ve been covered up with …… well, life and stuff.

A few buttercups and a dab of snow

Our plans are still on track as we prepare for our HERITAGE HOMESTEAD JOURNEY. Actually, this whole path we are on–from last summer until we plant our Roma tomatoes in new soil — is the HERITAGE HOMESTEAD JOURNEY. The whole thing. You see, I do enjoy journeys just about as much as reaching destinations. (I think I need to go back and re-read that sentence since I’ve let my nerves get a little hairy over the busyness. Thank God for my Mr. Patient to ground me and those hairy nerves.)

**YouTube News**

We’ll start here as it seems we’ve been having just so much fun sharing life on YouTube. The community is growing and, for that, we are grateful. Our goal is to have various content on the social media platforms, so you are sure ’nuff invited to head over there and subscribe so you’ll be able to follow our journey. We want to walk life with you! Please subscribe, comment, and share the videos! It is the next best thing to sitting down at the same table and sharing a pot of dark roast coffee with raw cream.


It appears that our playlist about HOME EDUCATION was the most popular last month with our HOME TOUR: PREPARING TO SELL playlist coming in close-second. We were honored to participate in SUPER SIDES SATURDAY COLLABORATION with some great cooks, as well as, host our own collaboration, HOMESCHOOL DADS’ PERSPECTIVE.


**Instagram News**

IMG_5651The big deal this month was our SPRING GIVEAWAY! We love turning heads toward folks who are using their God-given talents to handcraft some beautiful works of art, whether they are consumable or enduring. This fabulous giveaway featured David and Denise from Robinson Design Studio , Stephanie from @my_steps_are_oiled , Claire from @grapevine_homestead and Bubba and Wendy from Lucky Buck Jewelry. This giveaway was a huge hit and rightfully so! Congrats to Instagram winner @jubug24 !!

I would be amiss if I didn’t mention how beautifully our Abba Father is working and using the IG account @frontporchchurch. He led me to open that account last summer. While it is true that I am the hostess and manager for that account, I consider it His account and am completely overjoyed when the ladies of Front Porch Church jump in when and where needed. So much truth and love has been shared through that private, ladies-only account. If you are a lady who loves the Lord Jesus and seeks opportunities to share His Love and Light with others, you might wish to check it out.


**Family News**

Birthday celebrations are always exciting, especially when there are little folks around to enhance the mood. Our son, Morgan, turned 22 this month and was showered with sweet little gifts purchased by the littles, as well as, homemade cards and wrappings. He, Little Miss Homemaker and I sure enjoyed the Violins of Hope performance at the Schermerhorn Symphony Center in Nashville as part of his birthday celebration. Both he and she are the violinists in the family and, since we can’t afford for the entire family to venture out to such venues, they were the chosen ones for this heart-moving event.


Morgan and fiancé Linden are ready for their May 6 wedding date to arrive. The last days of planning while also finishing college requirements are challenging for them. Mr. Patient and I will sure miss our precious son living here with us but we will be joyous for the new family as they drive away for their month-long honeymoon frugally traveling about the country, just resting and relaxing in their new roles as husband and wife.

Dad and I are always touched when as many of our kiddos as possible choose to be with us on Special Days. Eight of us gathered around the table to enjoy a Resurrection Sunday Supper. The menu wasn’t spectacular but the gathering was. And that was enough. HE is enough.


**Heritage Homestead Journey News**

Just this week Mr. Patient and I agreed that slowing down the pace to prepare to leave Tennessee might be the wisest decision for our nerves’ and health’s sakes. We have been frantically packing, purging, and preparing. March found us researching and searching for the proper truck to pull the proper RV. He has been spending many hours making sure we have the correct information to make the wisest choices. Our sweet friends from Instagram, Charles and Kelly, have offered to help support our journey by responding to any and all questions we may have as we prepare. Visit their website about full-time RV living here.  This offer is a God-send and invaluable to us! We are humbled and extremely grateful as we continually pray that our Heavenly Father will keep us in His Will and close any doors that He doesn’t want us to walk through (or, should I say, put up any roadblocks to roads He doesn’t want us to travel). We did enjoy our quick little trip to Hattiesburg, Mississippi, to look at RVs. You may catch-up on all the Heritage Homestead Journey news here.

Traveling Home from Mississippi

And last but not least on the topic of family updates…. A very fun thing to happen this month was that I met some cousins of mine that I didn’t know existed. And, you ready for this??? I met them at a red light in town! A video about it will be uploaded to YouTube very soon. Fun stuff! Also….the meeting may be an answer to some recent prayers, as well.

**Podcast News**

Yes, a podcast!!! How very fun is that?! Just like the Instagram Front Porch Church account that the Lord led me to start, He has offered an opportunity to me and a precious friend from Instagram, Andrea from @oursupperstories. She and I have begun a podcast called CASSEROLESANDTACOS where we discuss life, family, food and, of course, Jesus and His influence on our lives. Launch date is April 17 and we couldn’t be MORE excited! Visit our Casseroles and Tacos website here! You can listen to the podcast from that link, as well. Let us know what you think and remember “Love is the Best Ingredient”.

And a (seemingly random) thought from Scripture that I wrote on my March planner….

“It is the little foxes that ruin the vineyard.” Song of Solomon 2:15

[Little compromises lead to bigger downfalls.]


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