Casseroles and Tacos

Have you ever had a crazy idea that turned out to be such a blessing? That’s what has happened this month to a friend of ours and me (Katie). We have launched a project which has actually proven to be a blessing in each of our personal lives.

That friend is Andrea from Our Supper Stories.  I was nearly in tears when I first read her blog a few months ago. The similarities between our stories are so incredibly striking, as well as our purpose, passion and desire to listen and share stories.

Andrea and I began communicating. A lot. When we first met on Instagram , we had so very much to catch-up on as we seemed destined to be friends. It was during one of those communications that the words, “let’s begin a podcast”, flowed through the wifi waves which connect the 2,129 miles between us. What a leap of faith and one that we know the Lord led us to take! Our own stories seemed so similar yet so different. In fact, we felt this recipe of similarities and differences combined into just the right flavor combination. Although neither of us knew where to begin, Andrea has taken the reigns of learning the ins and outs which has resulted in podcast success. Thank-you, Andrea, for all of your research, wisdom, and podcast groundwork.

We invite you to listen every other Tuesday morning to CASSEROLES AND TACOS PODCAST for conversation about life’s stories, food and our appreciation for what Jesus has done in our lives. From easy stuff like our favorite shoes to hard stuff like dealing with pain and hurt, we are here….just sharing around our table. We have saved YOU a seat! Pull up a chair, friend. Invite another friend to join us.

Then, join the conversation on CASSEROLES AND TACOS Instagram page.

We believe that by sharing stories of heritage and life, the world **can indeed** become a place of reconciliation and peace. When we listen to one another, especially around the dinner table, we can share life and build community.

One person at a time. One relationship at a time. This is Jesus’ model for building relationships and is pointed out by our May 1 podcast guest, Katie’s cousin, Renee. She reminds us that doing something great is in the seemingly small acts of love and service. Take a listen to this episode and others either here on podbean or here on YouTube .

Pull up a chair, friends. Whether you listen in your pajamas or on your way to the workplace, always remember that “Love is the best ingredient.”

❤️ Love from Katie and friend Andrea


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  1. Hallelujah!! Love is life and God’s strength, purpose kingdom, and focus. I love what our Savior is doing with Casseroles and Tacos and Heritage Ways. Jesus is our heritage and spiritual root into His Kingdom. Love and Prayers…. Tiffany Z, Kedesh Farm Ministries

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