Walking in April and May 2018

Reunions and Beginnings

Our family’s Spring of 2018 would most certainly be categorized in this way. The two months which consist of spring in our neck of the woods were filled with adventurous beginnings and precious reunions. The first week-end of April was Easter, the time when most of the world remembers with greater attention the crucifixion of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Easter is the epitome of beginnings, wouldn’t you agree? Although the littles, Mr. Patient and I took a quick trip to Mississippi to check-out the possibility of buying a used RV, we made sure we were back for Easter Sunday. What a precious gift that we were all offered, if we choose to accept! Forgiveness of sins. Although we as believers remember His death every week, isn’t it precious that we can do so with more concentration on what is believed to be the accurate time of His Sacrifice? It is kind of like celebrating that my children are alive every day but giving them extra-special attention on their birthdays.

Here are a few shots from that MS trip and Easter Sunday, as well as the videos regarding that week-end.

Traveling to MS and Update

Results of looking at RV in Mississippi (Update: After it was said and done, we probably wouldn’t recommend this place as they never got back with us about the information which they said they would. We prefer to deal with folks who do what they said they would.)

More beginnings were the podcast that Andrea at Our Supper Stories and I began. Go check out our efforts to build bridges through just sitting down at our 2,000+ mile-long table and talking about food, life and what the Lord is doing in our lives. We love and appreciate our stories, as well as yours! Find out what a California girl and a Tennessee girl have in common….or don’t. Listen to CASSEROLES and TACOS podcast here!

Little Music Man turned 7 on April 15 and we were blessed to be able to celebrate his important day with my Latin American cousins who were in the area for over a month!!! What a huge blessing to have this sweet little fellow in our lives, as well as have our dear family nearby for many opportunities to visit during the month! We even celebrated my cousin’s birthday and were blessed by having her as a guest on our Casseroles and Tacos podcast, “Building Bridges-One Heart at a Time.

Fun Times with Southern Cousins 😃

Speaking of new beginnings and reunions and cousins….

Check out this video about justIMG_7630 that! And here is that Coriell cousin whom I met in the middle of one of the busiest roads in our large town…fun times!

We had a blast getting to know one another and sharing family history stories and documents.

The most interesting is that our ancestor was a pallbearer for THE General George Washington. Our family can’t wait to visit this fellow’s grave marker which tells of his honored task.

Other beginnings….

The Lord provided an AMAZING truck as a blessing for our Heritage Homestead Journey! Incredible!

We bought another HOUSE!?! Check out why!

New songs for the littles’ Spring Piano Recital

First time for a live YouTube piano recital…fun!

New financial endeavor because we LOVE these products!

And a wedding!!

Our second son, Morgan, realized the dream he had prayed for all of his life….to wed a godly woman who loves the Lord more than she loves her husband. How precious to see the relationship of these two, well, three because they obviously trust the Lord for His Guidance in their life together.

Our part as groom’s family was to prepare and serve the dinner after the rehearsal. That was accomplished through planning, prayer, and sweet family here to help and encourage.

Find the VLOG of the days leading up to the wedding right here!

After the wedding Mr. Patient and I grabbed the littles, loaded up his truck (well, two of our kids took their suitcases, Little Music Man left his at home 😳), and headed to our Peaceful Place–Appalachia.

Roan Mountain State Park, Tennessee

Drive Through Appalachia

Banner Elk, North Carolina

The kids loved going to Peter the Fisherman Camp at Kingdom Academy of the Arts in Bell Buckle, TN, which was actually Morgan and Linden’s wedding venue.

As you can tell, this year has been filled with activity. Mr. Patient and I are thankful and blessed but also anticipate a little R&R when we pull away from middle Tennessee in a few months.

Thanks for visiting us here today. ❤️Katie

(Some of the wedding photos are by OliviaHaydenPhotography)


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