Walking in June and July 2018

Packing up and Heading Out

The summer of 2018 will be remembered as packing up and heading out, or at least preparing to head out.

So much preparation went into preparing the house for the auction that Mr. Patient and I  just plumb tuckered ourselves out. And the littles, too, worked diligently right alongside us completing every assigned task. There were many times when I noted that they would be ready for a well-deserved break just as us adults will be! I am not sure kids these days are expected to work as diligently as ours are, but they should be. We definitely do not buy into that kid-entitlement thing.

Our house received new paint, inside and out, new back deck, necessary repairs, cleaning up and out. We have packed, stored, trashed, shared, scrubbed, tossed, scraped, painted, removed, added and alllll the verbs that go along with preparing a home to sale. Our home wasn’t even in a terribly bad condition. I can’t imagine the added efforts and expense if it had been. Geez.

At one point in the painting process, it was clear that the littles and I could not co-exist with the ladders, drop cloths, and buckets of paint which where necessary for the men to complete the interior painting. We took that week to visit northeast Georgia and meet some Instagram friends. Our family loves Appalachia but we had never had the pleasure of traveling through that part of the region. An overnight stop at our son’s and daughter-in-law’s home was a sweet beginning to our trip. What joy for the opportunity to see how they are turning their walls into a beautiful first nest! Morgan manages the community garden, to boot. Way to go, son!



What fun times we had meeting new friends in Georgia who also blessed us with a wonderful homemade meal and kind fellowship! From the welcome sign at the door to the ease of conversation, we count our first visit to our new friends’ home as a top blessing-of-the-year. That’s the way I want MY guests to feel in my own home. Thank-you, Mrs. Claire and family.


The amazing view of God’s Creation from atop Black Rock Mountain is breathtaking…literally.



The Old Ways and Lost Arts

NE Georgia has so many sites to enjoy, one of which is Foxfire Museum.. The children and I truly enjoyed our visit and were honored to sit down and delve into the history of Foxfire with Executive Director, TJ Smith.



Little Miss Homemaker sure has been learning much this summer about handcrafting, weaving, sewing. She received a personal tutorial regarding weaving from Mrs. Sharon Grist of the Foxfire Museum.

If desire makes one what they want to become, then Little Missy will certainly become an accomplished seamstress. Her sewing instructor and mentor, Mrs. Rachel, teaches new skills and methods each week to Little Miss Homemaker. We are very grateful for Rachel’s willingness to serve the Lord by “older teaching the younger”.



All of “our girls” have birthdays in July… our daughter and both daughters-in-law. Although our family spent Little Missy’s birthday cleaning out the cluttered garage/shop, we did take time to celebrate that evening with simple food, cake, paper plates and 10 candles.

One of THE BEST treats and surprises to occur in July was the opportunity to visit a few hours with our oldest son, Trev, who is in the military. He lives miles and miles away from us but the Army decided to fly him to weeklong classes only an hour and a half’s drive from our home!! This whole trip was sudden to him and to us but you’d better bet that we made plans and all took off to see him! What pure joy– that I choose to believe was directly from the Heavenly Father! His timing is always perfect and He knew this was a huge needful blessing at just the right time. I stand in awe of HIM!



The month ended with the successful sale of our house at auction.. Our Abba Father is making some things very clear to us and we anticipate He will continue to do so. If He chooses to not make them clear, may we have the strength and desire to continue trusting Him. By His Stripes and Power, not our own!

Thanks for visiting us today, friends.


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