All in, All done??…..SOLD!!

THAT is when the tears came. I was surprised by them, actually.

Until this point in our story, our lives, I was OK with the idea of selling our ample, beloved home and setting out across the nation to serve and encourage. I had surprisedly shed nary a tear, not even when the auction signs were pounded into the yard. But that phrase, that word, after a few short minutes of anxiously waiting and watching….auctioneer, bidder, auctioneer, bidder, auctioneer, another bidder, auctioneer….

Then, it was over. That quickly. No turning back now. Just one more milestone on our Heritage Homestead Journey. We would have thirty days to vacate, to prepare the home for its next family who would cherish the memories to be made. (And after having met them, we were confident they would do so.)

The auction didn’t go as **we** had planned, had hoped. In fact, if we’re being honest here, Mr. Patient and I had hoped for a bit of extra gravy (higher price) when the house sold. We had a price in mind that we **needed** in order to be able to afford our plans.

Did we come to terms with the selling price??

As with most of this journey thus far, we want to be open to the plans our Heavenly Father and His Spirit have for us, yielding our will to His. We don’t pretend that doing so will always be easy or comfortable or even fun.

Maybe **we** are the ones who are “SOLD!”. Well, we **should be** at least. Are we “all in, all done” for Christ? Hmmmm….that’s not an easy question to answer if we are being completely honest. I mean, for real, how many of us Believers honestly are “all in, all done” for Jesus?

I am still working on my response to that question.

Just something to think about…

Thanks for being here, ya’ll. We appreciate you.

❤️Mrs. Katie





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