A Day Late and a Dollar Short

Well, hey y’all! Y’all really are some of the most kind and patient folks. It has been way yonder too long since my last post here (It was Fall 2018?? Oh goodness, I **am** embarrassed!)

As y’all well know from previous posts here on the website and walking life with us on Instagram and YouTube, life (and our choices) has taken us on some crazy twists and turns since selling our decent-sized farmhouse last summer.


We “hit the road” in October, trusting the Lord to provide as He sees fit and expecting Him to direct us as to how we could seek ways to serve and encourage others. His faithfulness has brought us to our knees more than once!

Fellowships, Friendships, Food, Fun….wow! We had no idea what He had in store and, quite frankly, His blessings and the amazing opportunities still have our heads spinning.

While we expect Him to lead and provide, we know better than to sit idly by in a lazy fashion. Mr. Patient and I have taken advantage of several (small) financial opportunities which we feel the Provider has placed in our paths. Those endeavors are keeping us hopping as we are trusting Him.

Major life changes have marked our calendar in the last 12 months and these are still finding us learning how to function and navigate. The transition (albeit temporary) from 29 years of homekeeping in a farmhouse to traveling in an RV isn’t all you think it’s cracked up to be, quite honestly. In upcoming posts, I would love to backtrack and share what has been going-on, if you don’t mind.

What about our lifestyle are you most interested in hearing?

With all that said, I am happy to be back with you here at our Home on the Web. I love this little avenue where we can fellowship as if we were on my front porch swing drinking sweet tea (well, almost as if).


If you are new to our website, please pour some iced tea or coffee and take some time to look around. I don’t consider myself a blogger, mercy no! I am just sharing life on this website that I designed about two years ago. It is full of information about our family, lots of recipes and, of course, stories and video links of heritage and its keepers. Take time to look around and hit that ‘follow’ button down at the bottom of the home page.

Thanks for being here, y’all.

Blessings, Mrs. Katie



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