Distraction vs. Determination

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Today someone (or more than someones😉) needs to be reminded to >>> stay focused and determined.<<< Do you ever feel distracted from a good work or doing His Good Work?

Cupbearer & leader Nehemiah dedicated a great deal of his time to rebuilding the wall of Jerusalem. He was a planner. More than that, he was an implementer, a follow-through-er. 🙃

Nehemiah was one determined fellow. He knew his goal, planned the work, led the people, completed that task. When Jerusalem’s wall was completed — except for the gates — trouble and distraction showed up. Riiiiiight before the project was complete. Juuuust at the time Nehemiah and the folks were sooo exhausted. Two fellows tried relentlessly to distract and annoy Nehemiah. They sent messages about meeting with him over this-and-that gossip, just annoying distractions, honestly.


We can read all about it in Nehemiah chapter 6.

“Sanballat, Tobiah, Geshem the Arab, and the rest of our enemies found out that I had finished rebuilding the wall and that no gaps remained—though we had not yet set up the doors in the gates. So Sanballat and Geshem sent a message asking me to meet them at one of the villages in the plain of Ono. But I realized they were plotting to harm me, so I replied by sending this message to them: “I am engaged in a great work, so I can’t come. Why should I stop working to come and meet with you?” Four times they sent the same message, and each time I gave the same reply.

The fifth time, Sanballat’s servant came with an open letter in his hand, and this is what it said: “There is a rumor among the surrounding nations, and Geshem tells me it is true, that you and the Jews are planning to rebel and that is why you are building the wall. According to his reports, you plan to be their king. He also reports that you have appointed prophets in Jerusalem to proclaim about you, ‘Look! There is a king in Judah!’ “You can be very sure that this report will get back to the king, so I suggest that you come and talk it over with me.” I replied, “There is no truth in any part of your story. You are making up the whole thing.” They were just trying to intimidate us, imagining that they could discourage us and stop the work. So I continued the work with even greater determination.

Later I went to visit Shemaiah son of Delaiah and grandson of Mehetabel, who was confined to his home. He said, “Let us meet together inside the Temple of God and bolt the doors shut. Your enemies are coming to kill you tonight.” But I replied, “Should someone in my position run from danger? Should someone in my position enter the Temple to save his life? No, I won’t do it!” I realized that God had not spoken to him, but that he had uttered this prophecy against me because Tobiah and Sanballat had hired him. They were hoping to intimidate me and make me sin. Then they would be able to accuse and discredit me.

Remember, O my God, all the evil things that Tobiah and Sanballat have done. And remember Noadiah the prophet and all the prophets like her who have tried to intimidate me.

Nehemiah 6:1-14 NLT

Do you ever feel distracted from a good work or doing His Good Work? 


I do!!! I start listening to the lies. “You do too much.” “You are doing that all wrong.” “You don’t know how to start that type of project.” “You are a coward for writing a book!” “You won’t finish that project.” I have personally heard all of these recently from *family* so I get it, friend! You are sad, weary, lonely, just plumb wore-out! I get it!

✋🏽What did Nehemiah do? Essentially, he replied something like, “talk to the hand.” (Who remembers saying that in high school?🤓) In a nutshell (my paraphrase), he retorted, “Look! I ain’t got time for this foolishness. If I leave here to deal with you, nothing will get done here. I’m too busy for this nonsense and pack o’ lies.” Then, “Father, make me more determined and strong for Your work!” 💪🏽

Then! Finally, after blood, sweat and tears, the project was complete! Jerusalem’s wall was built. The goal was realized. Here’s proof…

So on October 2 the wall was finished—just fifty-two days after we had begun. When our enemies and the surrounding nations heard about it, they were frightened and humiliated. They realized this work had been done with the help of our God.” Nehemiah 6:15-16 NLT

Now, you might be thinking, well, I’m not building a wall for the Lord in THE City of David. I am not a missionary in life-threatening environments. I am not smuggling Bibles into Godless countries. I ‘just’ go to the factory and do my thing. I ‘just’ teach third graders in public school, where we are not allowed to pray or speak of Jesus. I ‘just’ stay at home with my kiddos or grandbaby. I ‘just’ drive a delivery truck full of packages for folks. I’m collecting eggs and herding cattle all day.

What?! Don’t you know, friend? Living a Godly life, inspiring others by your actions and words, walking in His Ways for your life, obeying His Word as you do your work IS doing His Work, IS walking in His Will. Don’t believe me?

“Work with enthusiasm, as though you were working for the Lord rather than for people.” Ephesians 6:7 NLT

Go forward today with determination! With strength! Shoo those annoyances like flies and let’s get busy doing what our Father has set before us as Kingdom Work!! Keep praying for that lost soul, the wayward son, the unkind neighbor, the mean husband, the bitter mother-in-law, the gossiping wife, the …. you get the idea. Keep on keeping on! Keep the faith, literally and figuratively, y’all. We can do this!

“Make it your goal to live a quiet life, minding your own business and working with your hands, just as we instructed you before.” 1 Thessalonians 4:11 NLT

❤️Blessings on your today, Mrs. Katie

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