Deliciously Healthy {Raw} Chocolate Homemade Ice Cream

Little Miss Homemaker had a double treat for her July birthday this year! She not only enjoyed a delicious {and healthy} hand-cranked chocolate ice cream but we did so at the home of friends, Doug and Stacy. They are an off-grid couple who have inspired so many to live the pioneer life in this modern age.

We all agreed that this latest ice cream concoction is one of my best yet! Y’all give it a try and let me know if you agree.

This recipe goes right along with one of our latest YouTube playlists, “Farm to Table Meals”. Many {or most} of these ingredients may be found on farms or at farmers’ markets near you. Certainly substitute as you desire and leave comments for our other friends here if a substitution works better for you.

Printable Recipe HERE

View Tutorial at Doug and Stacy’s HERE


Deliciously Healthy {Raw} Chocolate Homemade Ice Cream

Yield: a little over a gallon

Combine the following in mixing bowl. (I just whisk it in the ice cream canister if short on space.)

Listed in the order which I prefer to mix…

4 pastured eggs from a reputable source (or your farm)

2 c. raw {unpasteurized, non-homogenized} cream

¾ c. cacao powder {or cocoa powder}

½ t. healthy pink salt {I use Redmond’s Real Salt.}

¾ c. raw sweetener of choice {pure cane sugar, maple syrup, etc}

2 c. whole fat, yogurt, homemade with raw milk {We have a 59 second how-to video on YouTube…easy peasy.}

4 c. whole raw milk

2 T. vanilla extract {I use my homemade from Tito’s. The vodka is beneficial for creamier ice cream results.}

Churn in homemade ice cream machine until creamy and thick.

Take your time and enjoy the process of making homemade ice cream. We use the Immergood Ice Cream Maker, a quality made in America machine. It is a bit more costly than others (well, much more than the cheaply made ones from overseas!) but well worth the long-term investment. We consider this a heritage item. This machine can be purchased with a hand-crank or machine option HERE.

{Check out Mr. Patient’s product review HERE}

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