How We Use Homeopathy, Essential Oils, Herbs and More…

Interested in learning how the Heritage Ways family avoids (traditional, allopathic) doctor visits, saves money, and heals with many God-given sources?

We are by no means perfect in the health department but we are continually learning and going in the direction of a more God-given way to live life fully. We want to share with you and, in turn, want to learn from you. Life is about walking in fellowship, living in community.

What a blessing that we can all learn from one another as we walk in community together and share what the Father has bestowed on us to live life fully. (John 10:10)

Mrs. Katie periodically hosts FREE “Health Chats” with interested folks via Zoom.
Four things are required to join these chats:
  1. Wi-fi connection which will support (at least) audio-version of Zoom
  2. Zoom account (free for you)
  3. Sign-up for Heritage Ways email list. You have the option of receiving ONLY the information on health if you will do so using the “update profile” link at the bottom of every Heritage Ways email. Due to the many folks who are interested (yay!), I am afraid that this will be the only method by which I will notify folks of Zoom calls.
  4. Grace to all involved in the chat groups.


  • “I don’t want to be seen.”
  • No problem, you may choose the audio-only option when you click the link.


  • “I don’t want to have to talk.”
  • No problem, come on in and just listen.


  • “I don’t know what Zoom is.”
  • Just search Zoom in your search engine (we use duckduckgo for more privacy) and it’ll walk you through installing Zoom.


  • “What do you discuss?”
  • Well, I will begin by explaining that I am not here to diagnose or treat you but to share information. Then, as time and interests allow, I will share what we have successfully used a great many ailments. I may discuss homeopathy, essential oils, herbs, Bach flower essences, prayer, faith, lifestyle, choices. Please note that our beliefs and our brand are not separate so everything we do is with a Christian worldview.


  • “Why is this free? What’s your angle?!”
  • No angle, unless you count walking in community and sharing life as an angle. Our family has been blessed in many ways through the years and we want to give back in any way we can. Also, the “changing times” (aren’t they always changing???) are moving more swiftly than many of us can maintain. A strong community of like-minded folks is super-important as we are all seeking the best paths in this new era.


  • “So, there is no cost?”
  • No, the Zoom meetings are FREE. However, Mrs. Katie had to recently purchase a Zoom membership/account in order to maintain the opportunity to have these meetings. The cost for our family is $12.49 per month, payable a year at a time(!). If you would like to drop a dollar or two into a tip jar to help defray that cost, then we would be very appreciative. Please do so by using PayPal “friends and family” option: OR by check to: Heritage Ways, POB 355, Loudonville, OH 44842
Would you mind adding your email address to my mailing list where I will send out information of upcoming Zoom health chats and any other information that I want to share regarding health at home? By forming a list, I can ensure no one is inadvertently excluded from Zoom links, etc.

You may change/update/add email preferences by using the “Update Profile” link at the bottom of all Heritage Ways emails.

(Ignore the free chapter of the cookbook, if uninterested in that. 😃)

What do you think?

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