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The Journal is the in-home newspaper written by and for diligent homemakers. Some of these folks call themselves homesteaders. Whatever the title, the readers of this popular community newspaper are always smiling when this happy mail arrives in the mailbox every other month.

Readers of The Journal will notice a fan-favorite column was missing in the recent issue, May 2023. Tena of Missouri shares in each issue a recollection of her Homemakers’ Club Meetings. Filled with crafts, menus and more, this feature column offers encourage to those of us who might like to charter such a club.

Tena and I had some technical difficulties which resulted in her column not being published in the physical newspaper. Please take time to enjoy her submission here while we anticipate our next issue of The Journal which will be July 2023 (as of this writing).

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by Tena of Missouri

Typically published in The Journal newspaper

            Our monthly homemaker’s club meeting for April was held at Amber’s house and we certainly had a full house!  It was definitely a nice turn-out today.  I’m sure the warmer weather had a lot to do with that.  It is indeed funny how we all can come alive when the weather warms up and we start thinking of flowers, gardening and planning for all the things we’re going to do.

            Amber brought a wonderful program on soil amendments.  Having been raised on a big farm in Georgia growing up, she said her grandfather was quite the expert on amending soil and knowing how to put healthy ingredients into the soil in order to grow wonderful organic food.  Unlike many of the farming practices of today, we learned how the proper soil truly affects the outcome of the produce or grain that you are planting.  She provided statistics of how the produce we eat today is nowhere near equal to the produce grown in the 1950s.  We learned how modern farming has depleted the soil and how we can make a difference in that in our own little gardens.  I will definitely be ordering some of the amendments she suggested as I have been trying to add more amendments to my garden with each new season.  We always appreciate Amber’s knowledge about farming, gardening and her expertise in foraging and using herbs and plants that can be found in the local woods or in our farm pastures.

            I gave a devotional about grace.  Easter is all about grace and how Jesus took a group of ragtag apostles and turned them into mighty warriors of the faith.  I am so thankful for the Resurrection and what that represents in our lives.  Without a resurrection, we have no living Savior.  Aren’t you glad we serve a Risen Savior?  We discussed grace and how it impacts our lives and how we can use grace in order to minister to other people.

            We had a delightful lunch.  Amber made a big roast with potatoes, carrots and gravy.  We had potato salad, macaroni salad, fruit salad, iced pumpkin bars, brownies and other wonderful items.  In keeping with our gardening theme, Missy brought a “dirt” cake with gummie worms on top.  She was definitely popular with the kids that day!

            We also discussed our plans for the Spring Fling which is scheduled for this coming Thursday, April 20th and will be held in the local Lion’s Club building.  We are to take our silent auction items that will be sold and the proceeds split among the clubs.  The biggest sellers in our silent auctions seem to be the vegetable plants and flowers that the ladies will bring from their own yards and gardens.  There’s no end to the unique things that will show up!  Our food theme is going to be a taco and potato bar.  We will enjoy those huge baked potatoes and have the taco meat and all the other toppings to go on the potatoes.  We will have a separate dessert table with many luscious items made by our talented cooks.  Darla and I are in charge of the kitchen, and then we have ladies assigned to the registration table, the greeting crew, those in charge of the silent auction, etc.  Everybody has a job! 😊  Missy, Amber and I will be doing a skit entitled “Sittin’ on the Front Porch”.  We will have our rocking chairs, our sun bonnets and quilts as we “sit on the front porch” and discuss all the wonderful things that have taken place on people’s front porches.  Did you grow up with a front porch?  How about a side porch or a back porch?  No matter where those porches are located, we find that many hours of talking, bean snapping, singing, music and building relationships and memories can be traced back to those porches.

            Our speaker of the day will be discussing the ways to revive old garden plants and flowers.  I will be looking forward to learning more about dirt and gardening and how we can improve on our gardening practices in order to produce healthier vegetables and beautiful flowers for our families to enjoy.

            We topped off the meeting with playing Bingo as we always try to do.  Those ladies can get quite competitive when we realize there are some cool prizes for those who fill their Bingo cards! 😊

            The May meeting will be held at Miss Elnora’s house.  She is going to do a class on the many ways to do cloth napkin folding.  This information will come in handy when we are planning for the many family gatherings or parties we might be involved with during the holiday season or birthday parties.  Many of these old arts have been lost with the passage of time.  I know many of us are extremely busy and life can get quite hectic at times.  However, sometimes taking the time and effort to create an inviting space for our families and a crowd can be quite fulfilling.  Miss Elnora is also queen of the games so we will look forward to whatever games she has for us, which will include quizzes, trivia, etc.  Her yard is always a delight to the eyes when you visit her.  She is very talented in starting flowers and plants that she is always willing to split and share with everyone.

            I hope each of you is having a wonderful Spring and planning all the things you might want to do.  I know when the weather starts to warm up and I can get outside and work, it can be very invigorating after a long period of time of being stuck in the house during those cold weather months!  Find something you enjoy doing and then do it with all your heart.  This time of year is so enjoyable when all the new wild flowers and dogwood start to break from their dormancy and burst forth with color in order to fill our lives with beauty.

            May God bless each of you as you find your contentment in Him and enjoy all your duties that come with this time of year.

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