The Heritage Ways Family

Once upon a time a freshman college girl met a high school senior boy and now there is Heritage Ways.

Yep, time does fly just about that quickly. Boy, oh boy!

Mr. Patient has a heart for his God and his family. He really is a Family Man. When not working in the corporate world, he spends the rest of his time with the family, always involving the children in home projects. He knows how to do **so much** around the house because he had a good Daddy to teach him. Blacksmithing, wooden spoon carving and planning our future are his hobbies. He has a lot of irons in the fire.

Mrs. Katie is a busy keeper at home. (Is there such a thing as an idle keeper at home?) A long list of occupations brings her to this point in life where she lifeschools the kiddos, bakes bread, stirs stew, mends clothes, encourages women, makes videos and maybe a couple of other things.

All of our “Big Boys” are followers of Jesus, homeschool graduates and lovers of family.

Our oldest son, Trev, serves in the US Army and loves his wife and daughter to the ends of the earth. He is full of compassion, peace and consideration for everyone whose paths he crosses. His mechanical mind has provided all sorts of career paths and opportunities. His wife, Amber, is kind, thoughtful, and an attentive wife and mommy. Sweet little Lily is the apple of their eye.

Morgan married Linden in a beautiful May 2018 outdoor wedding ceremony performed by Katie’s brother. They are both pursuing college degrees. Morgan is creative and proves this in his woodworking, leather working, and gift-giving. His Senior Trip request was to visit John C. Campbell Folk School and The Woodwright’s Shop, both in NC.

O, a 2017 homeschool graduate, is an entrepreneur with enough ambition to take him to the moon. He is an amazing craftsman, co-owner of his Leatherwork Business, Amazon seller, and pursuer of other plans. We expect the Lord will do incredible acts in his life as O continues to seek His Face. His Senior Trip request was to go snowboarding which was no surprise as adventure is attractive to him. As a child, every night he would pray, “Lord, help us to wake up and have fun tomorrow.”

JonBoy is an evaluator, a noticer. He doesn’t allow any circumstance to pass without dozens of questions, especially as they relate to his daily schedule. His brain seems to operate like that of an engineer’s. He loves to be around the Big Boys and he hates mushrooms.

Little Miss Homemaker has been a helper all of her life. She helps–even when her brothers desire no help. She is training to be a homekeeper and we feel the Lord will bless some young man one day with this loving, attentive and generous young lady.

Little Music Man is a live wire. (Does a large enough font exist to emphasize this?!) He certainly keeps us parents on our toes (or flat on our backs by day’s end). He loves his family, playing piano, Curious George, LEGOS and Nutella. Our lives wouldn’t be the same without him–or any of our dear and precious family members. His daily prayer is, “Lord, Help us all to be together.” (in his interesting little accent)

We love a simple life and are working more toward that. We aren’t fancy. We don’t put on airs. And we aren’t opposed to offering our guests a simple pot of white beans and cornbread.

Honored that you have chosen to meet us here, please let us know if there is any way we might help you by posting content relevant to your needs.


Thanks for walking life with us!



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  1. Y’all are some of the sweetest people on the planet! I love your life values and relationship with the Father!! God bless you all!! Thx for sharing your life with all of us!!

  2. it’s only been a few short weeks since I found you on IG but somehow I feel as though I have known you and your sweet family for years. You are all such a blessing.

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