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Hi friends! Welcome to the smithy, the forge, the blacksmith’s shop! The forge pictured above is at a local place called Cannonsburgh Village in Murfreesboro, TN. Our fellows (Mr. Patient, Morgan, O, Jonboy) train there rather than building a smithy at home. While they do have some borrowed and family heirloom equipment at home, the smithy at Cannonsburgh is so well-equipped that going there is much easier. One day, Lord willing, we’ll have our own forge, when we move from our current home and this awesome place is not available to us.  (That story can be found elsewhere on this website.)

Here are a few projects made by Mr. Patient…

Projects progress from beginning to current….

Project #1- 3/8″ round stock to s-hook with finials, July 2017
Project #2- 3/8″ square stock to drive hooks with fishtail curl and shaft twist, July 2017
Project #3- 3/8″ square stock to hook with spade hanger, finial and shaft twist, July 2017
Project #4- 1/4″ round stock and flat stock to tremble hook for over-the-fire cooking. Adjustable hook with finial on hook-end and forge-welded hanger with twist, July 2017
Project #5- 5/8″ round stock to octagonal chisel that has been hardened on the chisel tip and tempered on hammer-striking end, July 2017
Can you guess the temperature of that flame?
Project #6- 1/2″ square stock to meat fork. Split with forged chisel from Project #5 to create fork, twisted to hammered-round handle with flat curled under for a hook, September 2017


Beginning of Project #7, September 2017



Project #7- 2 pieces of 2″ square stock to tongs, October 2017









“Not one of the normal class projects but my instructor showed me how to make leaves. Here are my first two. I think they turned out pretty well.” November 2017
Project #8- 1 piece of 3/8″ x 36″ square stock to fire poker. Split end and forge welded to make poker and log hook. Three twists in the shaft. Rounded handle with decorative finial. November 2017
“My first attempt at making nails.” November 2017


Other projects by Morgan and O can be found on the page, “Other Projects by Family Members.” They began blacksmithing quite a while before Dad so they have some more advanced pieces. More to be added as time goes on…





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  1. What a nice set you you have a such a beautiful forge!! My husband is a blacksmith as well, he’s currently a journeyman and slowly working to one day become a master blacksmith. He enjoys it very much as do I since I’m able to put in my requests for things needed around the house 🙂 I look forward to see your forged projects!

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