Heritage Ways, Birth and Growth

WHO are WE and WHAT in the WORLD are we doing HERE?


The HERITAGE WAYS Mission is Simple

  • Glory to Almighty God
  • Honor to Family
  • Appreciation of Heritage


The HERITAGE WAYS Purpose is Pure

  • Promote and Celebrate Home
  • Promote and Celebrate Heritage and Its Keepers
  • Practice the Old Ways and Teach Others
  • Serve Others while on the Upcoming Heritage Homestead Journey and beyond

The HERITAGE WAYS Life Verse is Powerful

“Now all glory to God, who is able, through his mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think.” Ephesians 3:20 NLT


Well, hey ya’ll, I am Katie and I’ve been hearing voices.

Probably not the kind of voices you first thought of but human ones. Voices encouraging me, beseeching me, directing me.

so long ago

Let’s “start at the very beginning, it’s a very good place to start”… My Mama had the
wisdom, or just plain patience, to allow me to work in the kitchen by her side ever since I could stand on a wooden chair which she pulled up to the counter. I don’t remember those very early days of culinary creation but the premise and philosophy of the beautiful art of homekeeping was established and engrained in me. And I have loved it from that sweet beginning. I treasure that training that I received from my mother and told her so on the last day we ever saw each other on this earth, the day we said our earthly good-byes.


that November Sunday morn

A November Sunday morning. Fighting back tears, “Mama, if there is any good in my mothering or homemaking, I owe it to you. Thank-you.” Couldn’t stop the tears after all. “Kate, I loved having you by my side those first five years when you were my only child. I enjoyed teaching you and having you in my kitchen. I have wonderful memories of those times. And, honey, you are welcome.”

When she passed on, seven weeks later, her funeral changed my life as much as her living example. Goodness, one can not be prepared enough for losing a parent. (In my pride, I thought I would be, but nope.) Not only that, I was certainly not prepared for the deluge of love demonstrated to our family during the season of her loss. Our Amish friends loaded up into three rented vans to spend the entire visitation (viewing) time with us that night prior to the funeral. Then, some of the Amish men and wives returned for the funeral the following day, an uncommon practice for their people. This act alone was enough to teach me a thing or two about a life well-lived. These generous folks prepared LOTS of wonderful food to feed our family and friends both at the funeral home and Dad’s home. About 40 or so of our friends traveled the 500-mile distance from TN to OH for the funeral. Some even made the round trip in one day! Of course, many friends, family, and church folks hugged, prayed, visited, cooked, sympathized and empathized with us. The visitation line to visit our family at the coffin was well-over an hour-long wait all night. The lesson regarding the influence that one human can have (whether for good or evil) was not lost on me. Thanks again, Mama. You even taught me with your passing. Incredible.


lunch break at Morg’s 2012 BSA Eagle Scout project

An Intentional Life. Mr. Patient had lost his hard-working daddy, Pop, just two years prior to my own loss. That great man had an education that far exceeded any which he could have chosen after high school graduation. Pop had common sense and wisdom. He taught my Mr. Patient such a wide array of skills that our guys knew who to call if in a quandary about repairing a car, replacing a faucet, adding a deck roof, buying a gun, or any manner of situation that a man might encounter. He even took two poor condition VW Beetles that Morgan had purchased and built one phenomenal car. Talk about a heritage item! One wouldn’t say he necessarily had “pioneer skills” but his vast knowledge set the stage for my Mr. P to be the person he is today. Our visitors during the time of Pop’s funeral were from both sides of the tracks (literally) and ranged from poverty-stricken to millionaires. Such a tribute to such a life!

After these losses and the trip home from an Ohio visit four months later which can be read HERE, I realized that my already Instagram page (then called HomekeepingBook) needed to be more about relationships, people, sharing life and love. The name was changed to HERITAGE WAYS. This name appropriately represents our values, interests, future homesteading plans, hopes and dreams. Leaving a legacy is what we want to do and encourage you to do as well.

Something more had been occurring in recent years. At the urgings of my Mr. Patient and three Bigs, I began to write down alllll of my recipes and the stories that accompany them into a book (thus the name HomekeepingBook). In an effort to encourage me, our son, Morgan, had not only given me a deadline to complete this book of mine but continually suggested that I had much to offer young ladies. He was then in the workforce and realized that so many young ladies (honestly, ladies of all ages) didn’t necessarily have the opportunities to learn from someone like I did. He repeatedly urged me to mentor these ladies. Heritage Ways Day Camps were designed and advertised but that apparently was not the way the Lord intended me to encourage others.

Social media. It can be a waste of time, something from which folks need a break, a fast, a relief from. But, this technological phenomenon can also be a great object used to teach, train, influence. It is a tool which is used for good or evil. We are in control of it, not the other way around.

The name of my Instagram account was changed to HERITAGE WAYS with emphasis on “Celebrating Home and Heritage and Its Keepers”. Mr. Patient and I asked the Lord to help us shine a light on FAMILY while giving HIM all the GLORY. He brought 800 new friends to that account in two months’ time. We changed the name of already-established other social media platforms and apparently a “brand” was born.

Clueless. I had no idea what a brand was or that I was supposed to be happy that we’d created one until my oldest son told me so. Our Lord is the One Who did it so I’ll just be impressed with Him and His branding abilities.

Our family doesn’t have a Branding Game Plan (I just made that term up…lol) but we are asking the Lord to simply allow us to shine a positive light on F A M I L Y and H E R I T A G E while giving Him the glory.

We are about Homekeeping, Heritage Keeping, Tradition Keeping, Family Keeping and Faith Keeping. This means we’re not just about cooking and kitchen tips. Oh, much more! Our family members are blacksmiths, leatherworkers, primitive woodworkers, vintage motorbike restorers, hunters, musicians and so much more!

If we resonate with one family, great! If we encourage 30 families, awesome! If we can help you in some way, super! Let us know. Join the Heritage Ways community.


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  1. Dear Ms. Katie ,
    I first met you via a YouTube video when you, Little Missy, and Vicky from Vicky’s Country Home channel were visiting Ms. Lori &
    Mr. Brown at their Whippoorwillhollow home in Arkansas. I really enjoyed seeing you all interact together on your visit with them.

    At the time I didn’t know you were fostering or adopting Missy and her 2 other siblings. But I did observe some things about Little Missy that sent up some red flags that I caught only because I have experience working with little ones with her same past and previous situation. But also because when I was her age I had some of her same self doubts. I think that’s why I immediately caught on to several signals that she just wasn’t as comfortable in her own skin as most other little ones are at her age at the time

    I have thought a lot about her since those videos in Arkansas, and several of your other videos you have included her in on YouTube since then. I’ve wondered how she’s doing, and thought how she’s probably changing rapidly since little ones grow up so quickly.

    Then tonight after not watching YouTube for a while, suddenly Little Missy popped into my mind again. This time I immediately looked up your channel on YouTube to see if I could find any updates on the children. That’s when I discovered your video “Do we regret Adopting ” that you made just about a week ago. After I watched it I realized why I had picked up on her lack of self confidence like I did. After you briefly explained her and her siblings background it finally all made sense and my heart swelled with love and compassion for her and her brothers. It’s no wonder John-boy is in the current situation he is. With pasts like theirs, it is likely as they mature something like what’s happening to John-boy could also happen to Little Missy. As healthy young girls grow into young women, and young boys grow into young men, they naturally go (or grow) through so many physical and emotional changes anyway.

    But when they also come from troubling past circumstances like your little ones have, and the changes in the hormone levels in their own bodies also begin to increase or change so drastically during that time of physical growth, their estrogen & testosterone levels can make events that they are going through feelind like they are experiencing a catastrophic life event that trigger what just happened to John-boy. Some young ones with stable home lives and experiences like your 3 oldest may have sailed through those changes easily. And hopefully it may not be has hard on your youngest boy since he was so young when the abuse or neglect originally took place.

    Please try to tenderly draw Little Missy more emotionally close to you. Especially now, before she begins to feel more emotional crises in her young life. Sit in front of the mirror and gently brush her hair while you talk. Give her a neck massage, safe touch. Start giving her special alone daughter time just with you or
    Mr. Patience, no other kids present.

    Let her choose the activity
    she wants to do. Maybe like what we used to call “window shopping” for clothes or anything else like make up, or something else. You don’t have to spend any money unless you want to or she needs something. Remember, your goal is to specifically get to know her better without any personal judgment. Try not to use the words like “you should”, or “you always”. Use this time wisely because it will help her to be able to “want” to come to you later for help when she is feeling troubled instead of resorting to running away which is what I did too like John-boy.

    Make it your priority to learn what, where, and how her mind is working right now without any judgement or condemnation towards here actions or thoughts about what she wants to do with her life.

    As your main goal, try your hardest to only show her how much you love and accept her completely as she is presently. Learn about communicating with “Open Ended Questios”. One of the best places to talk to your teens is while you are driving. That way there is no eye contact which will make it even easier for them to be open and be honest with you.

    These are some of the things I learned from working for a Licensed Child Psychologist for over 22 years. But also since I became a serious Bible student for about the same amount of time.
    Most people have to pay over $180 per hour for the info I’ve shared with you in this short note, and I’ve seen it work time and time again. But I have seen it work even better when used on conjunction with a balanced Bible based education from a mature adult Christian that truely loves their children and prays daily for guidance from God to help them help their own children. He deeply loves them too, and will help you and them if you keep on asking.

    I hope that I have encouraged you. But mostly I hope I have helped Little Missy. The sweet young lady (Little Miss Homaker) that desperately wants to please her parents and succeed.

    Sending you Hope & Love in the future,

    Ruth Shaw

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