Personal Hand Pies to Please Everyone for the Holidays

They say you can't please 100% of the people 100% of the time. That's so true, but what if you could please 99% of the people at your holiday dessert table? Personal hand pies are an easy way to please a crowd of various pie lovers. They are easy and fun to make and preserve... Continue Reading →

Homemakers’ Club Meeting – April 20, 2023 | Missing Item from The Journal of May 2023

Something Was Missing! The Journal is the in-home newspaper written by and for diligent homemakers. Some of these folks call themselves homesteaders. Whatever the title, the readers of this popular community newspaper are always smiling when this happy mail arrives in the mailbox every other month. Readers of The Journal will notice a fan-favorite column... Continue Reading →

How to Pressure Can Potatoes

How to Pressure Can Potatoes How do you feel about preserving your own food at home? Have you considered canning potatoes? For years, I have enjoyed filling my larder with HOME-CANNED POTATOES which can be used in so many ways. Here are just a few..... soups stews mashed potatoes home fries savory pie fillings quiches... Continue Reading →

Strawberry Rhubarb Coffee Cake ๐Ÿ“ Using Seasonal Fruits

Using Seasonal Foods as our Foremothers Did Good day to you, friend, and welcome to our cozy abode where I help you create a cozy home with old-fashioned family values. Filling the bellies with homemade foods is a must for a super-comfy home and using seasonal foods in your kitchen surely harkens back to a... Continue Reading →

Christmas Tree Preservative | Cut Flower Preserver | Christmas Tree Food Recipe

Christmas Tree Food Recipe WATCH Mrs. Katie and Jonboy MAKE this RECIPE HERE 1 gallon water 1 copper penny, optional 4 t. chlorine bleach 4 t. sugar dissolved in bit of hot water 4 t. vinegar 1 can citrus soda may be substituted for the sugar-water and vinegar NOTES: Add the vinegar and bleach to... Continue Reading →

What We Used During “The” Sickness & Building Immunity

What We Used During "The" Sickness & Building Immunity Many of our readers have expressed an interest in the products we use for immunity and what specifically we used during our recent September-October 2021 illness. Our community is very much interested in preparing for as many situations as possible. While I thought I was prepared... Continue Reading →

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