Sharon Grist from Foxfire Museum and Heritage Center

One summer day in Appalachia, we discovered a jewel…The Village Weaver.


On our recent visit to The Foxfire Museum and Heritage Center which is tucked securely in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Appalachia, Sharon Grist takes the time to teach Little Miss Homemaker a bit about carding, spinning, and then plying wool. We certainly appreciate her sharing years of expertise with us.

With her permission and that of Foxfire museum, we share this video and a bit of information about Foxfire’s Village Weaver. Sharon’s love for weaving began at age eleven when her family visited Southern Highlands Handicraft Guild Fair in Asheville, NC. “I saw a handweaving demonstration. I was mesmerized. From then on I knew that weaving would have a place in my life.”

And what a place it is! Mrs. Sharon Grist is surely a valuable asset to the Foxfire Museum in Mountain City, GA, right there in Appalachia. “Sharon apprenticed at Rabun Gap Crafts in 1978 and 1979. She opened her own professional studio in 1981. Preferring a diverse career, she divides her time among teaching, demonstrating and exhibiting, as well as designing and producing garments, home accessories and one-of-a-kind pieces for professionals and individuals.”

We at Heritage Ways appreciate Sharon’s love for this beautiful craft. In her own words, “In our fast-paced, high tech society it is necessary for each of us to enjoy something simple and beautiful and created by hand. Handwoven goods bring pleasure to the eye, to the touch, and to the spirit because each piece is created individually…..Weaving is my way of sharing beauty and joy-and my love for life.”

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