Cotton Woven Hot Pads

Busy Little Weaver

Update: The littles are now using highest-quality, made in America loops. Video from Little Miss Homemaker and updated photos coming soon.

The littles’ hot pads are woven with cotton loops and love.

The artists are intentional about the colors they choose for each hot pad. Colors vary with each product but a particular color scheme may be requested in the comments when you pay in the General Store. Please allow additional time for special requests.

Price of $14.00 includes THREE woven hot pads, one from each little, and the necessary postage and packaging costs. After shipping costs are paid, each child will receive $2 and the remaining $3 is placed into an envelope for them to purchase more materials. The children are taught to divide their earnings into three envelopes: GIVE, SAVE, SPEND. This is one way we teach money-management, responsibility and foster an entrepreneurial spirit.

Won’t you please support their little efforts? How about sending a gift of hot pads to a friend or shut-in? The littles can make special notes and cards, at your request. Just let us know in the comments if this is to be sent to an address other than your own.


THREE Handwoven Kitchen Hot Pads

These hand-woven cotton hot pads are made by the littles with love and care, $14. The cost includes THREE hot pads and necessary packaging and shipping costs. Thanks, ya’ll!



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  1. Hi I ordered a set of hot pads. Would it be asking to much if the little ones to tag and sign their pads. Love having the artist names on their creations. Your friend in Christ CookieLove😘you have my email with order I ordered a mug as well. You could put together if that helps. Thanks

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