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Mrs. Katie has authored two cookbooks full of tried-and-true family favorite recipes, From Katie’s Kitchen, Vol. One and Supper’s Ready, Let’s Eat! 

From Katie’s Kitchen, Volume One, her first cookbook, a collection of family-loved recipes and their stories, contains 205 recipes. “Katie’s Timely Tips”, “Recipe Notes”, “Family Memories”, recipe sources, and anecdotes are sprinkled throughout the 157-page book. This volume is printed and assembled by Mr. Patient in 8 1/2 by 11 size with plastic coil which lies flat when using. The number of pages would amount to almost 300 in a more standard-sized cookbook. That is a lot of material!

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From Katie’s Kitchen, Vol. One

Supper’s Ready, Let’s Eat! is Mrs. Katie’s most recent book.

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Welcome to another collection of the family’s recipes which include mains and sides, hearty salads, soups, casseroles, and more. For those super-busy days, some recipes lend themselves to starting early in the day by utilizing a slow cooker or pressure cooker while other dishes are quick to pull-together when prep time is short. This is a sturdy 6- x 9-inch 145-page book of 198 suppertime recipes which are home-cooking at its best. This book has a laminated wrap-around cover for a pro look that lies flat on the counter. It is the first book in Mrs. Katie’s Let’s Eat! series and the one which you will grab when making the weekly or monthly menus for you or your family. Recipes are included for various sized households and most are adjustable in volume.

Recipes do not overlap in Mrs. Katie’s first two cookbooks.

Each contains its own special and exclusive content.

Supper’s Ready, Let’s Eat! cookbook

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