Magnets: Kill The TV, Do Something Else

Join the movement to put nothing unholy before our eyes and to be better, do better as Good Stewards. Now days (from what we hear) television has gone down the tubes (pun intended).
The Heritage Ways community is choosing other past times.

Choose from these 3 x 3 inch magnets to show what choices you are making. These make great gifts and are easy to send in the mail to folks!

The magnets are designed by Mrs. Katie and made in the USA by a couple in the Rocky Mountains. We strive to seek out and support family-owned and/or small businesses


(Photos appear blurry. Magnets are clear.)


🌻ORDER our NEW MAGNETS….here’s how…

In the MAIL, cheaper option… (PayPal option below)…

To purchase magnets send self-addressed stamped envelope (SASE) plus

$4 for one, $7 for groups of two, $10 for groups of three.

If ordering more than 3, please add an extra stamp to your SASE.

For example, if you would like five magnets (3 +2), the cost would be

$10 plus $7 and SASE with two stamps. 

INDICATE which sayings you are purchasing. 

Magnets all say “Kill the Television” and then one of the following sayings:

Play checkers

Knit a scarf

Bake a Cake

Hug your kid

Count Your Blessings

Watch Heritage Ways

Play Cards

Take a Walk

Kick a Ball

Other sayings are being designed and may be ordered…

Call Your Sister

Read a Book

Work a Puzzle

Mail to 

Heritage Ways

POB 355 

Loudonville, OH 44842


PayPal option:



Please note that magnets are first come, first served basis. More orders will be placed as soon as stock is depleted. For that reason, your fulfillment may be delayed. Thanks for understanding. 


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