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Missy’s Mommy Break


Are you a busy and tired mommy of young ones? Or, a granny or auntie who raises or babysits littles?


Do you know any littles who would benefit from a friendly young lady’s online interaction once a week?


Little Miss Homemaker of Heritage Ways has been working as a mother’s helper for 6+ years. She has worked in-person and now online with young ones aged 3 to 7 years old.


2021 Mommy Break Intro Video


She very much enjoys spending time with young children. She currently teaches Sunday School at a local church. LMH leads her charges in a patient and attentive way while reading, story-telling, singing, puppeteering and more. She would like to spend time with your young one, preferably aged 3-8, while providing a break for mommy. What a win-win!


Fees and Location

Meetings are planned using Zoom so a Wi-Fi connection and access to Zoom is required.


A monthly commitment is NOT required, $8 per hourly visit, payable before the visit. A monthly commitment is preferred for ease of scheduling.


Payment Methods

  1. PayPal, using “friends and family” option: homeheritagehope@yahoo.com
  2. Check made payable to Heritage Ways. Please indicate in memo “Mommy Break”. Mail is unpredictable so please mail the check two weeks prior to planned visit.

Heritage Ways

c/o Missy’s Mommy Break

POB 355

Loudonville OH 44842



Heritage Ways is a brand which Honors Home + Celebrates Heritage + Spreads Hope. We strive to always point back to our Creator and Savior, to Whom the Heritage Ways brand and ministry is dedicated. Missy’s Mommy Break—intended to honor home and spread hope– is no exception in that the visits, lessons and interaction is from a Christian worldview. Our beliefs and daily walk are not separate from one another. Therefore, Missy’s visits may include Bible stories (like Noah’s ark, etc.) or children’s Bible-based songs, etc. These are used as teaching tools, not for conversion or to spread any particular “doctrine”.

Additionally, Missy will be expected to demonstrate honor and respect when interacting with any age person. She will be mannerly, kind and patient. The same is expected from her “students”. Often this behavior grows and improves as she spends time with the young person.

No foul or inappropriate language is to be used by either participant and will be addressed if necessary.

If for any reason, a parent has a concern, do not hesitate to email Mrs. Katie at: mommybreak@heritageways.com.



Commitments and Absences

Please communicate using the email address: mommybreak@heritage.ways.com.


Absences happen and are to be expected from time to time. One make-up visit per month is offered if a visit is missed for any reason, by either participant. More than one make-up visit per month is not offered and refunds/credits are not offered (except in rare cases). The Heritage Ways family operates on grace and it is grace which they extend and ask.


Safety and Security

The Heritage Ways family puts great stock in safety and privacy of folks, especially children. The Zoom meetings are not to be recorded by either party. Both “Missy” and the participating child (and parents) will only share information which they are comfortable sharing. This includes full names, exact locations, personal information, etc. Parents of “Missy’s” young folks are welcomed and encouraged to stay within earshot of the entire online visit, if they so desire. Please communicate freely if there is ever any problem or concern, using the email address: mommybreak@heritageways.com.



My name is Brandy and I am proud to offer my recommendation of “Missy of Heritage Ways”. I have personally known her for five years and she has been teaching my oldest for four months.

Our schooling relationship with “Missy” is a true blessing. She works hard on her lesson plans tailoring them specific to my daughter’s age and interests. She is polite and carries herself in a respectful manner. In addition, “Missy” is gifted in her ability to encourage my child to interact in thoughtful activities. Her beautiful personality maintains a positive learning environment which promotes an excitement for learning.

Over the last four months “Missy” has strengthened my daughter’s listening skills and ability to focus on tasks. She has reinforced my daughter’s biblical studies & rekindled a passion for the memorization of biblical based lyrics to songs.

It is without reservation that I recommend “Missy” as a Mommy’s Helper Services.


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