Broccoli Salad

This recipe provides suggested amounts and measurements.

Feel free to be creative with this basic recipe…

Wash and trim fresh, preferably organic, broccoli (about 2 bunches from the grocer).

Wash (preferably organic) cherry tomatoes (1 store package). I do not halve them but you may wish to do so.

Chop about 1/2 large red onion.

Chopped, cooked bacon, any amount you choose.

Let these items dry in colander while preparing dressing in a large bowl…

Mix about 2 large splashes of good ACV, about a tablespoon or two of local honey, salt and pepper, and about 3/4 cup mayonnaise. The salad may need more mayo after adding broccoli mixture.

Add to the dressing mixture, desired amounts of shredded cheddar OR raisins, or both.

Also, add sunflower seeds as desired. Add the broccoli mixture to the dressing mixture and refrigerate for a while before eating, if time allows.

This salad lasts for a few days and is great with dinner meals or lunch sandwiches.

Enjoy, ya’ll!

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