Green Olive Spread

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Green Olive Spread

Yields:  more than a quart

Penny D. Leibner, my maternal aunt


1 (7-9 oz) jar green olives, drained

1 cup pecans

6 hard-boiled eggs

2 cups Miracle Whip salad dressing


Drain olives. Chop first three ingredients, separately, by hand or food processor.

Combine all ingredients.


This recipe is one that was given to me among a box of heirloom recipes by my mother’s sister, Penny D. Leibner, on the occasion of our wedding. She notes that she had used this “a lot for party sandwiches”.


I remember this memory that she added to the recipe… “I took this with us on our family vacation to Disneyworld in 1982. It is a large recipe and goes a long way; makes about 35 sandwiches (many more if you make dainty party sandwiches). Enjoy!!”

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