Deep Dish (Chicago-Style) Pizza

Friday night pizza is even better when it is DEEP DISH in CAST IRON! YUMMOLA!

We provide two videos with the recipe in the comments of the first video. Do yourself a flavor 🙂 and try this pizza! Yes, it does take more time than ordering from the joint down the road, but it is SO worth it. For a smaller family you may have leftovers which are delish just warmed in the oven.

The organic sprouted wheat flour and MCT oil in this crust make it oh so yummy, healthy and a perfect texture.

The cast iron pans we used in these videos are certainly heirloom items (which ya’ll know we love!) The larger one was the wedding gift from my uncle to my parents 52 years ago. The second is a Lodge cast iron pan. The Lodge company is a family-operated business right here in our state of Tennessee.





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