Autumn Meal Plan 1

These are actual menus from our house during the fall of 2000.

No claim is made for healthy meals but just providing a jumpstart of ideas…

  • Momwiches, buns, Mrs. Tapp’s Pineapple Cheese salad, fries
  • Shepherd’s Pie (from leftovers), salad and dressing
  • chili, cheese, crackers, sour cream
  • enchilada casserole with leftover chili, green beans
  • cabbage soup
  • turkey and cheese sandwiches, baked chips
  • chicken divan, grapes
  • red beans and rice, slaw, fruit salad, cornbread, carrots and dip, birthday cake
  • corn, mashed potatoes and beef gravy, green beans
  • spaghetti with meat sauce, bread
  • beef stroganoff, noodles, broccoli
  • BBQ beef, buns, baked beans
  • pizzas, lettuce with dressing, grapes
  • peanut butter & banana sandwiches, chips, apple slices
  • sausage casserole, cooked apples
  • individual pot pies, corn on the cob, any other leftovers
  • chicken enchiladas, bean dip with chips
  • potato & ground beef casserole, peas and carrots, acorn squash, cooked apples
  • pumpkin potato soup, cheese toast


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