Week of September 24-29, 2018 Real Meals


Breakfast-cereal and milk




Brunch- Omelet Scramble

Snacks- homemade pumpkin spiced iced coffee for Mom; water; cheese sticks (1 each)

Supper- (CrockPot soup) Used 1 quart home canned beef-vegetable soup, store bought organic butternut squash soup, 1/4 butter, small handful dried barley, 2 pkgs Aldi cheese filled tortellini; served with loaf of Aldi all-grain bread and butter


Breakfast-1/2 toasted bagel per child, no bread for parents, served with Aldi whipped cream cheese and homemade strawberry jam; scrambled eggs; water for kids; coffee for parents

Lunch-(Had to eat out due to unplanned doctor’s visit) Sonic

Supper-Pimento Cheese Patty Melts (YouTube video recipe here after Oct. 1); Homemade Sweet Lime Pickles… recipe in comments section of this video



Brunch–Kids’ Favorite Pancakes made by JonBoy; coffee; milk

Supper-Big Folks-Gyro with salad and Tabouli take-out;

Supper–Littles-scrambled egg sandwiches; water




(Mrs. Katie and Little Miss Homemaker traveled to a YouTube Meet-up in Arkansas — Boys and Dad stayed home)

Breakfast for Mom and LMH-McDonald’s Egg McMuffin with BOGO coupon, no hashbrowns, coffee

Lunch for all-Ham and Cheese Croissants and iced coffee made at home for the road…sandwich recipe is found here.

Supper for Mom and LMH–meal with Instagram friends, the Morgans in AR, rice and lentil stew with homegrown tomatoes (very comforting!)

Supper for boys at home–frozen pizza from Aldi



Bf for gals–McDonald’s Egg McMuffin, no cheese, no hashbrowns, coffee

Lunch–wonderful BBQ and fixings meal cooked by Mrs. Vickie from Vickie’s Country Home and Mrs. Lori from Whippoorwill Holler, both channels on YouTube

Supper–leftovers from lunch, enjoyed at Mrs. Lori’s cabin home, with lots of laughter

Supper for boys at home–homemade hamburgers and fixings




Bf–hotel bagels, cream cheese, fruit, coffee

Lunch–PBJ made with bread, PB and J from hotel breakfast selection

Supper for guys at home–taquitos and pizza rolls from Aldi

Supper for gals–tomato sandwich with homegrown tomatoes from friend in Arkansas







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