Weeks of October 25- November 6, 2021

These meals are planned based upon my shopping the loss leaders and grocery sales, not pre-planning the menus before grocery shopping.

 This VIDEO is associated with this week’s menus.


B: eggs and toast (Kids make their own.)

L: leftovers

S: soup with leftover broth, meat, veggies; grilled cheese made by Jon


B: oatmeal


S: pork chops with apples; cole slaw; roasted butternut squash; Aldi garlic bread


B: Jon makes pancakes each Wed. morning.

L: hamburgers (frozen from store, local meat), Brioche buns, butter lettuce, homegrown tomatoes, sweet onions; leftover soup (which was originally made using leftover veggies, meat, broth and noodles)

S: (Planned Chicken Dinner but Mom was too tired so Dad made Rotel dip, which he had been wanting for a while. Kids ate leftover hamburgers.)


B: bagels; cream cheese; peanut butter

L: homemade chicken salad VIDEO recipe here; Aldi croissants; Dad-last of the soup

S: Flemish Beer Stew over boiled potatoes, cabbage, onions  Video RECIPE found here;  Aldi Italian bread


B: choice of cereal and milk or homemade yogurt VIDEO recipe here with Aldi granola

L: chicken salad; Aldi croissants

S: homemade pizza my BEST Chicago-Style Pizza tutorial here; apples


Brunch: eggs; toast; ham; homemade hashbrowns

S: meatloaf (also using for Tues lunch); roasted Brussels and carrots; mashed potatoes VIDEO recipe here; Fast Rise Yeast rolls; homemade brownies; store-bought IC


B: boiled eggs

L: Subway (last Sunday of month, kids can get combo meals, if desired)

S: veggie chili; crackers; cheese; friends’ house for popcorn and pie

Monday, November 1, 2021

B: eggs, toast (kids make own)

L: White Tacos (recipe in  Mrs. Katie’s cookbook, “Supper’s Ready, Let’s Eat!”)

S: tuna casserole RECIPE HERE; canned beets; homemade bread (bread machine for dough, then oven bake…recipe in From Katie’s Kitchen, vol. One cookbook); green beans


B: oatmeal (soak overnight)

L: meatloaf sandwich (Jon will eat something else); side salad and dressing salad inspiration VIDEO here

S: taco soup; cornbread


B: pancakes (two recipes in From Katie’s Kitchen, vol. one cookbook); maple syrup Frugal Mock Maple Syrup RECIPE

L: PBJ or red pasta ham salad get the RECIPE here

S: eggs scrambled in CAST-IRON tutorial here; toast; hashbrowns


B: bagels; cream cheese; peanut butter

L: Nathan’s hot dogs; kraut; mashed potatoes

S: fried chicken legs and thighs; corn casserole VIDEO recipe here; green beans VIDEO recipe here


B: homemade yogurt; Aldi granola

L: potato soup RECIPE in “Supper’s Ready, Let’s Eat!” cookbook

S: pizza


Brunch: eggs, hashbrowns, toast

Supper: oven BBQ ribs Find RECIPE tutorial HERE; steamed broccoli tutorial for perfectly steamed broccoli HERE; roasted butternut squash or potatoes

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