Week of September 30-October 6, 2018 Real Meals


Breakfast–kids and Dad-choice of bagels, cream cheese or peanut butter or cereal and milk

Breakfast for Mom (because Dad is awesome to me!)–Starbucks tomato mozzarella panini and matcha frappe

Lunch–“Subway-at-home” (from Aldi, bread, meat, cheese, cuke, lettuce, condiments, kettle chips) and tomatoes from friend

Supper–Papa John’s veggie thin crust delivery with coupon



Bf–eggs, toast, coffee

L–Easy Tostadas  with added pumpkin in the beans and spinach topped

S–a mix of pantry items to make a thick stew which turned out to be a topping for instant mashed potatoes then topped with canned LeSuer peas and a pat of butter….yummy!





S–leftovers from fridge



Bf–Kids’ Favorite Pancakes

L—-Dad and kids-leftover sandwich items

L–Mom-mashed potatoes, corn, tomatoes, cukes

S–sliced tomatoes, home-canned kraut and all-beef wieners from Aldi, instant potatoes


Bf–bagels and cream cheese or peanut butter

L–sandwiches with leftover items from Sunday

S–Mexican restaurant


Friday, “Moving Day”


Bf–cereal (Raisin Bran or Cheerios) and raw milk, coffee–always coffee!

L–Chick-fil-A before leaving town

S–(moved to friends’ home/driveway) Friends grilled burgers, hot dogs, cob corn and fresh fries, sliced tomatoes, lettuce, condiments, buns; We provided Broccoli Salad



(Mrs. Katie dealt with rough stomach bug so didn’t eat anything most of the day,  just homeopathic remedies, lemon ginger tea with probiotics and peppermint water)

Bf–eggs, toast, coffee

L–packaged peanut butter and crackers and mandarin oranges

S–Friends had a big fish fry with alllll the good fixings and invited some friends to join us. Mom stayed in bed. The rest enjoyed a feast. We provided Rice Crispie Squares that Mr. Patient made.





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