Spring Meal Plan 2

These are actually menus from our kitchen during the spring of 2010-2011. Enjoy, build on these to make your own menus. 🙂

  • turkey and cheese sandwiches, fruit salad
  • BBQ spaghetti (use leftover BBQ), green salad, rolls
  • chili, crackers, cheese
  • hash brown casserole, broccoli slaw
  • stir-fry
  • swiss steak with rice, salad
  • pizza, fruit
  • wieners and kraut, potatoes, salad
  • popcorn
  • individual meatloaves, mashed potatoes, peas and carrots
  • minestrone soup
  • chili cheese dogs
  • chicken and rice casserole, homemade bread
  • salmon, sautéed Ramen noodles with cheese, homemade bread, broccoli
  • roast with gravy, mashed potatoes, peas, cob corn, bread
  • Chicken Divan, corn
  • sausage pinwheels, scrambled eggs, hash browns
  • Auntie’s Meatballs, rice, stir-fried vegetables, chow mien noodles
  • fish tacos, lettuce, tomatoes, fresh salsa, homemade chips, cabbage
  • gyros and fixings
  • roasted vegetables, salad
  • pasta and chicken with tomato sauce, salad
  • roast, mashed potatoes, asparagus, cole slaw, peas, Mayonnaise Rolls
  • fried cabbage, Chicken Divan, Corn Light Bread
  • sausage and rice casserole, legumes
  • pizza, sliced apples (take to friends’ house)
  • bagel with cream cheese, popcorn
  • salmon fillets, Brussels sprouts, broccoli casserole
  • Poppy Seed Chicken, broccoli, carrots
  • hot dogs, buns, potatoes
  • pizza, Grape Salad
  • Deep Dish Pizza
  • salad bar: greens, beans, cheese, dressing, nuts
  • baked spaghetti, no-tossed salad
  • BLTs, Grape Salad
  • Chicken Enchiladas, rice, beans
  • Pork Loin, Mrs. Norma’s Pineapple Cheese Salad
  • Stir-fried vegetables, rice, wontons or egg rolls
  • Vegetable platter with two dips, fresh bread, cheeses, peanut butter

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