Spring Menu Plan 5

May 1-31, 2023

We don’t eat much breakfast besides coffee. The kids, if hungry, get instant oatmeal packets, bagels or make pancakes on Wednesday mornings.

  • CP = Crock Pot
  • IP = Instant Pot
  • HF = Hello Fresh meal service
  • BC = Batch, or Bulk, Cooking
  • HMD = homemade

L: White Tacos

S: CP Chili Rellanos, CP refried beans mixed with leftover rice


L: out

S: HF Sweet Potato Fajitas, leftover refried beans


B: pancakes (This is expected on Wednesdays in our house.)

L: leftovers, or late breakfast

S: CP “Country” Ham with sweet potatoes and pineapple, deviled eggs


L: leftovers or turkey sandwiches

S: BC Wild Rice Chicken


L: BC Chicken Packets

S: HMD pizza


B: (Saturday) bacon, eggs

L: (late breakfast)

S: (company, 10 total) hamburgers, grilled; buns; salad bar; Amish Macaroni Salad; Classic Potato Salad


L: eat at visiting church

S: leftovers




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