Winter Menu Ideas 3

These are actual menus from our house during the winter of 2009-2010. Please remember to use this as a springboard for your planning and don’t forget to add vegetables, fruit, and fermented vegetables.

  • cabbage soup, cornbread
  • chicken and dumplings
  • taco soup, sour cream, fritoes, cheese
  • salmon patties, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, cabbage
  • creamed chicken on cornbread
  • Brunswick stew, corn light bread
  • chicken cordon bleu, Donna Kay’s Baked Rice, creamed spinach, cake
  • ham and cheese pie, fried potatoes
  • gumbo, rice, potato salad, crackers
  • chili, crackers, cheese
  • pea soup, cheese biscuits
  • hoppin’ John, slaw, mashed potatoes
  • Swiss steak (crock-pot), rice, corn on cob
  • chili with sausage, crackers, cheese
  • salmon, green beans, salad
  • kraut and pork, mashed potatoes, peas and carrots
  • popcorn, bagels and spreads
  • sautéed vegetables, rice, whole wheat rolls
  • BBQ, buns, salad
  • baked fish tacos, chips and salsa, slaw
  • cream of tomato soup, grilled cheese
  • baked potatoes, broccoli with cheese, sour cream, bacon bits
  • white beans, chicken enchiladas, beans and rice, chips and salsa
  • vegetable soup, crackers, cheese
  • pizza, salad
  • chicken noodle soup, crackers
  • spaghetti, limas, wheat bread
  • spinach and cheese quiche, fried potatoes, smoothies
  • roast, baked rice, corn soufflé
  • white chili
  • clam chowder, crackers
  • country ham, wheat pancakes, syrup, bananas
  • BBQ Pork Loin , potatoes, kraut, cob corn
  • fries, beef gravy, limas
  • hash and biscuits
  • sausage pinwheels, apples and oranges
  • spinach lasagna (crock-pot), corn on cob, bread
  • sausage balls, carrot sticks
  • ham and egg salad sandwiches
  • corn dogs, spaghetti
  • hot ham and cheese sandwiches
  •  White Beans with Country Ham , cornbread

What do you think?

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