Winter Menu Ideas 4

These are actually menus from our home during the winter of 2010-2011. Please use them as ideas, adding fruits, vegetables and your special dishes.

  • hamburgers, buns, salad, (friends bring potatoes)
  • pancakes, eggs, (friends bring ham)
  • swiss steak, potatoes, crowder peas, (friends bring salad)
  • chili, crackers
  • salmon, Dirty Rice, rolls, broccoli
  • homemade pizza, leftover salad
  • roast, potatoes, limas, corn
  • spaghetti and cheese
  • beef stew
  • chili cheese fries
  • chicken and dressing, hash brown casserole (take to Scouts)
  • beef and rolls (take to ladies’ meeting)
  • clam chowder
  • Ravioli, corn or potatoes
  • leftover soups, Amish noodles, sandwiches
  • gumbo, rice, potato salad
  • sub sandwiches
  • taco soup
  • beef and cheddar sandwiches
  • sausage and rice casserole, broccoli and cheese, slaw
  • rosemary rib roast, succotash, rice pilaf, yeast rolls
  • vegetable soup with beef broth, homemade bread
  • White Lasagna, bread, green beans
  • chili bar (Trev’s Eagle ceremony dinner, January 17, 2011)
  • Mexican Chicken casserole, corn
  • steaks, cheese quesadillas
  • meatball subs
  • pea soup, grilled ham and cheese
  • hamburger tator tot casserole

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