Class, Live Recording + E-book: Using Herbs and Spices to Add Fun and Nutrition to Meals


This is the unedited recording of the class I taught at the June 2023 Food Independence Summit in Walnut Creek, Ohio. The topic is “Using Herbs and Spices to Add Fun and Nutrition to Foods.” Included with this package purchase is an E-book format of the handouts the attendees  received in the class.

Please note: This is a live recording.


Using Herbs and Spices in Cooking to Add Fun and Nutrition

Learn how to use herbs and spices in meals and snacks…

Learn how to go beyond salt and pepper to use herbs, spices and homemade seasonings. Mrs. Katie of Heritage Ways teaches how to add flavor and nutrition to meals, beverages and snacks. This is a live recording of an hour-long class taught on June 22, 2023, at the Food Independence Summit in Walnut Creek, Ohio.

The attendees received resource material which I have converted into a lively E-book just for you to enjoy before, during and after this live recording. The 10-page colorful E-book contains helpful information plus six recipes.

Check out this short clip from the class. I love teaching in person for the interaction and way we can learn from each other. Let’s have fun while learning, why don’t we?!

I wish you were here but grabbing this live recording and E-book is the next best thing.

Counting my blessings and hope you are, too!

❤️mrs. katie

Refunds are not available for downloadable Heritage Ways material. If an issue occurs, please contact me at I want to treat you the way I would want to be treated. 

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