All in, All done??…..SOLD!!

Are we "all in, all done", "SOLD" for Christ? I am not sure I am ready to answer that.

Walking in June and July 2018

Packing up and Heading Out The summer of 2018 will be remembered as packing up and heading out, or at least preparing to head out. So much preparation went into preparing the house for the auction that Mr. Patient and I  just plumb tuckered ourselves out. And the littles, too, worked diligently right alongside us... Continue Reading →

Dashed Dreams

I hadn't planned to tell you this story today, but.... Everywhere I look lately it seems this idea presents itself to me in some form or another... **Katie, you can make all the plans you want and that's jolly good but your Father is in charge. Just don't forget that, honey.**   Many are the... Continue Reading →

Walking in February 2018

Hey ya'll! Thanks for being here and walking life with us! We love the community that is building here and on Instagram and YouTube. We even show up on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest sometimes. Please share us with your friends on your social media sites. We sure would be appreciative. To make walking life with... Continue Reading →

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