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Welcome friends, we are truly happy that you have chosen to be here with us. Encouragement, Education and Entertainment is what you can expect to find here, our little home-on-the-web. Please, be welcome. 

Our desire is to walk life with as many folks as the Lord will allow our paths to cross. We hope you will find a community with us at HERITAGE WAYS, whether it is here, or our daily Instagram posts where 1300+ folks follow and gather, sharing life. It is there that we share our daily lives, photos and goings-on. Consider joining us on Instagram by following the widget-link near the bottom of this page.

What a great first month we had here on our little home-on-the-web! Thank-you for your part in that happiness! And for your unending GRACE we are so very appreciative as we continue to learn and grow in community.

At the end of each month, beginning with this one, we plan to give you a little run-down (right here on our homepage) of what was added throughout the website with the hopes it’ll make your life a tad easier as you take advantage of our content. Don’t forget that you can utilize the search bar, as well, to locate posts, recipes, project ideas.

For now, you should know this is **the** place to fulfill your colorful hand-woven all-cotton hot pad dreams and needs!

Our littles are so excited to choose just the right colors to make beautiful hot pads. These are the good, sturdy kind! You should have seen their excitement when they sold their first set last week! Little Miss Homemaker jumped up and down and clapped with joy. The fellows asked me to take them to Hobby Lobby for more cotton loops, which they paid for themselves.

We have toiled over the most economical way to mail the hot pads to you and think we may have hit on the secret formula.

With each package you receive THREE colorful hand-woven hot pads, one made by each little with a note indicating such. After shipping and packaging costs are covered, each young entrepreneur earns $2 along with their adding $2 to an envelope designated for more material purchases.

The littles are taught to divide any earnings into three envelopes: GIVE, SAVE, SPEND. This is how we teach good stewardship, responsibility and an entrepreneurial spirit.

Won’t you please encourage them by purchasing a set of hot pads for yourself or someone else? I’ll bet a sweet shut-in lady or gentleman could use a set. We are happy to mail the package and sweet little cards and drawings to anyone you request. The children love, love, LOVE to give cards and notes to folks! Just let us know in the comments of your purchase page how you need us to fill your request.


That’s all she wrote for today, friends.

Enjoy these snapshots from our lives this past month…. Continue reading “Big & Little Hands–Hard at Work”

A Dog’s Nine Lives…or at least two…

Hey, ya’ll…Thanks for being here at our NEW website. I hope you have taken time to look around and feel at-home. Please let us know how we can make you more comfortable by providing the content that satisfies your needs and interests the most. There is so much more to our site than this Update (blog) section. In fact, I have no desire to be a blogger. I’ll leave that to the folks who study that kind of thing and thrive on it. I am just a wife, mama, friend who wants to share life and maybe pass along an idea or two. Some weeks I may make an attempt at insightfulness and others, I may just chat with you—kinda like if we were swinging on one of our front porch swings. If something inspires you, then all glory to God. If a topic is of no interest to you, then check back next time. As a family, we just share our likes and projects—which happen to be the Heritage Ways.


Since this little section of our site isn’t intended to be a blog with such insightful material so as to alter your life to the very core, I will often just kinda hang out with you and provide an update on…..well, just our lives–the simple acts of living and loving.


Loving. Yep, we fell in love with a sweet Golden puppy one Mother’s Day when visiting friends in Beech Grove, TN. They graciously allowed us to bring her home and that was in 2007. Young Morgan claimed her as “his” dog. Homerlean is her name. She is supposed to be dead. Poor thing.

11-12-10 046
November 2010 Morgan Meadows, Marshall County, TN

As we were headed out for Continue reading “A Dog’s Nine Lives…or at least two…”

Put Up or Shut Up

It’s true. The time has come for Mr. Patient and me to put our money where our mouths are. For the love of Pete, put up or shut up.

Maybe I need to backtrack a bit for our new friends. Well, as you read in post: “Loss and Gain”  we had a revelation, if you will, in June of 2017. You might wish to read that post as a prelude to this one.

You see, when Mr. Patient lost his job of 18 years to an overseas buy-out in 2009 our family of five went through quite an interesting season of unemployment, under-employment and self-employment. Some time I’ll write about that but for now I’ll skip over the life lessons we learned during that season of life. I’ll just say that we had decided Continue reading “Put Up or Shut Up”

(NEWS!! Give-Away is over and Adriana is our winner!! YaY!) WINTER GIVEAWAY TO CELEBRATE WEBSITE LAUNCH


The Heritage Ways family promotes and celebrates HERITAGE  and ITS KEEPERS. We appreciate and respect time-honored traditional skills while teaching, sharing and walking life with those whose paths we cross.

When we run across folks who are keeping their heritage alive we want to tell ya’ll about them. Every now and then, we’ll give away some of the products made by these folks and hope you’ll take a look at their online sites, Etsy shops, and social media accounts. It’s simple. Down-home-helping-our-fellow-man simplicity.


So….here’s what we are GIVING AWAY this winter to ONE WINNER. Items from FIVE family-operated and American made sources.

Continue reading “(NEWS!! Give-Away is over and Adriana is our winner!! YaY!) WINTER GIVEAWAY TO CELEBRATE WEBSITE LAUNCH”

Love and Kraut

The young friend replied, “Oh, no ma’am, I don’t want to overstay my welcome or cause you to cook for an extra person. But, thank-you for the offer.”

I woke this morning recalling yesterday’s response to my offer for our son’s friend to stay an additional day and join us for our traditional New Year’s Day meal of pork and sauerkraut with mounds of fluffy mashed potatoes. Now, granted, kraut is probably not on everyone’s list of favorite foods (give kraut a chance, friends) but I do believe the friend’s response was simply out of courtesy and not a dislike of our traditional meal.

While I appreciate the friend’s thoughtfulness, this “got me to thinking”. Showing hospitality is such an integral part of our family’s life that I can’t see past it. I almost can’t comprehend another way of life. Having many folks to serve in my home fills my soul. Offering blessings from my kitchen is what I do. It is what I know. It is life on this earth. It is what I am made of. It is how I show love. I am weak in body and soul without folks for whom I can plan, nest, prepare, cook, and serve.

What have I learned about showing hospitality?

It is not a Tour of Spotlessly Clean Homes. Folks are more comfortable with realness. Frankly, so am I. But, I haven’t always believed this truth. Once upon a time, I adequately stressed my family out when preparing for guests. Clean every corner, wash every piece of laundry, and for Pete’s sake, re-line the kitchen utensil drawer with fresh paper! After all, mustn’t every needless and unseen corner of the house be clean!?! Why not **completely** stress every member of the family before guests arrive, at which time acting like Mr. Roarke on the 1970’s show, Fantasy Island?! Tattoo announces the guests’ arrival on “de plane, de plane” and with the wave of his hand, Mr. Roarke proclaims, “Smiles everyone, smiles.”

Then…it happened. One day I was Continue reading “Love and Kraut”

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