(NEWS!! Give-Away is over and Adriana is our winner!! YaY!) WINTER GIVEAWAY TO CELEBRATE WEBSITE LAUNCH


The Heritage Ways family promotes and celebrates HERITAGE  and ITS KEEPERS. We appreciate and respect time-honored traditional skills while teaching, sharing and walking life with those whose paths we cross.

When we run across folks who are keeping their heritage alive we want to tell ya’ll about them. Every now and then, we’ll give away some of the products made by these folks and hope you’ll take a look at their online sites, Etsy shops, and social media accounts. It’s simple. Down-home-helping-our-fellow-man simplicity.


So….here’s what we are GIVING AWAY this winter to ONE WINNER. Items from FIVE family-operated and American made sources.

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Love and Kraut

The young friend replied, “Oh, no ma’am, I don’t want to overstay my welcome or cause you to cook for an extra person. But, thank-you for the offer.”

I woke this morning recalling yesterday’s response to my offer for our son’s friend to stay an additional day and join us for our traditional New Year’s Day meal of pork and sauerkraut with mounds of fluffy mashed potatoes. Now, granted, kraut is probably not on everyone’s list of favorite foods (give kraut a chance, friends) but I do believe the friend’s response was simply out of courtesy and not a dislike of our traditional meal.

While I appreciate the friend’s thoughtfulness, this “got me to thinking”. Showing hospitality is such an integral part of our family’s life that I can’t see past it. I almost can’t comprehend another way of life. Having many folks to serve in my home fills my soul. Offering blessings from my kitchen is what I do. It is what I know. It is life on this earth. It is what I am made of. It is how I show love. I am weak in body and soul without folks for whom I can plan, nest, prepare, cook, and serve.

What have I learned about showing hospitality?

It is not a Tour of Spotlessly Clean Homes. Folks are more comfortable with realness. Frankly, so am I. But, I haven’t always believed this truth. Once upon a time, I adequately stressed my family out when preparing for guests. Clean every corner, wash every piece of laundry, and for Pete’s sake, re-line the kitchen utensil drawer with fresh paper! After all, mustn’t every needless and unseen corner of the house be clean!?! Why not **completely** stress every member of the family before guests arrive, at which time acting like Mr. Roarke on the 1970’s show, Fantasy Island?! Tattoo announces the guests’ arrival on “de plane, de plane” and with the wave of his hand, Mr. Roarke proclaims, “Smiles everyone, smiles.”

Then…it happened. One day I was Continue reading “Love and Kraut”

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