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Purpose:  The purposes of advertisements in this publication are as follows: to support small, local, home businesses and off-set production costs. In a world where fast, cheap and disposable are the norm, we have always promoted higher quality, well-made goods, services and attitudes. Additionally, the advertisements off-set rising costs of paper, ink, postage and other materials necessary to print this community newspaper at no added cost to the readers.


Advertisement Policy: B/W ad submissions are accepted for home-based, small physical or online businesses, family-owned businesses, home-centered video channels, self-published books, and any business which is aligned with the interests of the readers. Advertisements will align with philosophy of The Journal readers—homemaking and homesteading. Owners/Staff of The Journal reserve the right to refuse ad submission without explanation. No changes will be made to submitted ads except those necessary for placement, i.e., font shape or font size. Neither The Journal owners nor staff will be held responsible by advertiser or reader for misinformation. Additional fees will be incurred for ads if design by The Journal staff is necessary. For further inquiry, advertisement ideas, or to submit ad content, kindly *correspond with Katie via


The Journal distributes to many USA states and three countries outside the USA, currently—almost 200 physical mailboxes with an average household size of four readers. New subscriptions and renewals are processed monthly.


Fee Schedule


Ad Options

Boxed 2.00” x 2.50” vert/horiz, one-run, $10.00

10% discount with full year of boxed paid advertising ($54)

¼ page ad, one-run, $20

½ page ad, one-run, $40

Full page ad, one-run, $80

(One page is 5 x 8 inches.)

Line ad per word, one-run, $.10 per word, minimum 20 words

Sponsorship Option

Sponsorship, one issue, $150.00

Sponsorship includes full page (5 x 8) b/w ad and mention in all Heritage Ways social media platforms (Instagram, YouTube, email newsletter, Twitter, Facebook, MeWe, Patreon) the week the issue is mailed.

Only six (6) sponsorships available each year. Ads submitted by sponsor.

Check or PayPal USD, or barter with adequate postage stamps

Ads unpaid by submission deadlines will not appear.

Heritage Ways | Attn: Advertising | POB 355 | Loudonville OH 44842

            PayPal homeheritagehope(at)


*Consulting fees regarding ad creation may apply after two communications with Staff.

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