Handmade Projects by Family Members

The Heritage Ways Family members have various gifts which we acknowledge are all from our Abba Father. Others of us have trained and practiced other skills.

Mr. Patient is an all-around handyman and at one time, during a corporate buy-out overseas, he owned a business called Familyman Handyman. He learned a good general set of home keeping skills from his Daddy. What he doesn’t know, he researches and learns from trial and error. He is a blacksmith and woodworker.

Mrs. Katie’s love is probably oh-too-obvious–creating in the kitchen. She also dabbles with sewing, mending clothes and teddy bears, cross-stitching, quilting. Her daughters-in-law are trying to teach her how to knit and crochet but she is a slow learner.

Trev is an amazing creator of piano music. His playing reminds us of the Biblical David’s music which soothed King Saul.

Morgan is a woodworker, leatherworker, blacksmith. He enjoys his VW bug that his Pop put together from two broken-down Bugs, and he plays violin.

O is a certified blacksmith and self-taught leatherworker and oil painter. He enjoys working on his dirt bike and plays mandolin, guitar and ukulele.

Amber and Linden, our daughters-in-law, can crochet and knit like nobody’s business. Linden enjoys sewing while Amber turns craft ideas into heirloom realities.

The littles always enjoy various crafts, painting, bead creations and weaving hot pads. Each has a gift for piano while JonBoy also plays guitar and Little Missy plays violin. Little Miss Homemaker has attempted crocheting, knitting, cross-stitching, and making hook rugs. Little Music Man is an accomplished LEGO creationist.



Coaster Set by Morgan for Trev’s family as a Christmas gift–Cedar tree limb harvested from our back property. Notice the bullet from target practice years ago. Coasters were cut and sanded with non-electric tools and elbow grease making them as smooth as silk. They are finished with linseed oil and felt on the bottoms.


2016-09-22 13.23.57
Wooden Bench Commissioned by local Music Studio-completely handmade from tree harvest to finishing by Morgan, using his great-great grandfather’s hand tools

Leather wallet designed by Mrs. Katie and Morgan and handcrafted by Morgan

Leather card holder designed by Mrs. Katie to hold all of those necessary cards (insurance, store punch cards, school IDs, etc) then created by O

Leather trays by Turner Brothers Leather — http://www.turnerleather.com

(left photo) O grew weary of the cheapo overseas-manufactured toilet paper holder in the kids’ bathroom that kept falling off the wall so he went to our friend’s blacksmith shop one morning and returned with this awesome holder! (top right) O made these Christmas stocking hooks/holders out of our need one year. (bottom right) O made this beautiful towel holder for our downstairs bathroom for Mrs. Katie’s Christmas gift one year. It is much larger in real life.

O is a maker of fine leather men’s belts. It isn’t his favorite item to make but we feel he does beautiful work, taking every detail into consideration.

2016-03-07 23.19.35-1
One of many Oil Paintings by O
2016-01-26 11.37.12
O makes amazing leather bags and purses


2016-09-27 09.32.25
necklace for Mama by JonBoy
2014-12-26 12.44.03
Pallet Shelf by Morgan for Mama as a Christmas gift


Candle Holder by Blacksmith O as a gift for Mama
















Mrs. Katie designed this cloth napkin holder and Mr. Patient and Trevor implemented the idea. Using cloth napkins saves money and they are just plain nice to use.



Sturdy canvas bags called The Everyman’s Bag designed and handmade by Owen, co-owner with Morgan, of Turner Brothers Leather www. turner leather .com





Awesome Door Knocker that O forged in 2015 (or 2016)

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  1. Such beautiful projects, your family has many talents.. I believe our families have much in common with enjoying homemade creations around the house. This year my husbands goal is to get into leather work and my goal is to learn to crochet. My husbands birthday is coming in very soon I would love your opinion on tools that many be useful when first starting into leather work.. his goal is to make a leather bag for big motorcycle but I’m sure that’s something he might need to work up to.
    Many thanks for sharing your creativity with us!
    Blessings -Jenn

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