Week of October 14-20, 2018 Real Meals


BF: (at Crumps’ Home) Autumn Breakfast Casserole with apples, cheese, sausage, eggs; coffee

L: Subway with app coupon

S: (at Merritts’ Home) Shipwreck Stew; Tossed Salad with homemade dressing



BF: Friends made English muffin breakfast sandwiches

L: Subway with app coupon

S: (in new campsite) fish sandwiches with lettuce, tomato; fries



BF: oatmeal with hemp seeds, MCT oil, brown sugar, cinnamon topped with walnuts, dried cranberries

L: fried egg sandwiches with lettuce

S:  One-pot Spaghetti with added can of peas and extra cheese; oyster crackers; stevia tea




BF: Kids’ Favorite Pancakes

S: Potato Corn Cheesy Chowder; oyster crackers; s’mores by campfire






BF: bagels, cream cheese or peanut butter; coffee

L: hamburger patties on Brioche bun with Swiss cheese and sliced ham; oven fries; tossed salad (iceberg lettuce, red onion, avocado, tomato) with homemade dressing

S: well-seasoned purple hull peas (gift from Katie’s brother), fried potatoes and onions; sliced tomatoes (Katie’s brother’s); coffee or hot tea; s’mores by campfire


BF: cereal, milk, coffee

L: none

S: hot dogs roasted over campfire, sliced bread,


BF:  cereal, milk, bagels

L: out to Fat Back Soul Food near Richmond, VA

S: (at friends’ home, the Rogerses) Laurie cooked hamburgers and vegetable soup

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